Plow driver only honest man in Karen Read case

Finally, a Canton conehead whose testimony you can believe.

Finally, a Canton conehead whose testimony you can believe.

It took seven weeks, but yesterday, in the murder trial of Karen Read we finally got a chrome dome from Canton who was neither a jailbird nor a cop desperately trying to avoid becoming one after getting busted by the FBI soliciting a bribe in a text message.

Brian “Lucky” Loughran, the snow-plow driver, was the first witness for the defense, and what a breath of fresh air.

He totally won the jury when he began by describing the precautions he takes when he gets behind the wheel of his monster plow, Frankentruck during a snowstorm.

“I am trying,” he explained, “to be aware of any side traffic, any pedestrians and, God forbid, any animals.”

Hos refreshing after all the prosecution’s witnesses — sweaty, dissembling, mealy-mouthed cops, shady “experts” and full-blown drunkards, or all of the above.

Lucky Loughran, on the other hand, loves dogs.

“I am making sure,” he elaborated, “that there are no animals, no pedestrians, no one coming out of their driveways.”

Pedestrians are important, he said, and so are cars. But protecting animals – that’s job one for Lucky Loughran.

Like most of the toothless hags and thugs who testified for the persecution, er prosecution, Lucky Loughran is a Canton townie. He went to grade school with Chris Albert, the ex-con selectman with the light-colored Ford Edge.

Lucky knew Chris Albert even before he hired Judge Cannone’s brother to get him off with a six-month wrist-slap after he killed a foreign exchange student in a hit-and-run accident.

Lucky’s brother actually serves on the Canton board of selectmen with Jailbird Chris Albert.

Most significantly, Lucky is a cueball. You can’t get any more Canton than that. He used to eat fried-baloney sandwiches at Big D’s Neponset Grill.

In other words, Lucky would have every reason to dummy up – to observe Canton’s version of omerta, which is to guzzle so many Fireballs at the Waterfall that you pass out, usually behind the wheel of your state police cruiser.

Losing your gun and badge while drunk – how Canton is it?

But Lucky is a stand-up guy, and he wasn’t going to lie to protect the McAlberts. Instead, he demolished the state’s attempt to frame Karen Read for the murder of her boyfriend, John O’Keefe.

The state’s demented fantasy is that she ran him over at 12:32, or 12:46 or… sometime in there anyway, and left him to die in the snow.

Only one problem: Lucky Loughran was plowing the street in question, Fairview Road, and he didn’t see any bodies in front of the Albert house that morning in January 2022.

He did, however, see a light-colored Ford Edge on the street. Normally, he would have called the police department to let them know that someone was violating the snow emergency. Rules is rules, after all. But Lucky gave the town DPW policy a good leaving-alone.

“Out of consideration to the Alberts,” he testified. To repeat, Lucky is a Canton townie. You can tell by how follically challenged he is.

The prosecutor, Adam Lally, is a complete disaster. But every year he gives enough money to his boss, Meatball Morrissey, so that he’s never been worried about ever being fired. Just like most of the state cops in Meatball’s office.

Lally sneered at Lucky. The jury didn’t like that. The jury likes Lucky a lot more than Lally.

Unlike all the dodgy, fork-tongued troopers, Lucky is a plain speaker. He doesn’t “miscount” the number of pieces of broken taillight. He won’t claim to be able to converse with crime scenes. He didn’t say he only collects evidence “as it is able.”

The prosecution was doomed before yesterday. But yesterday Karen Read and her lawyers were just nailing more nails into Meatball Morrissey’s coffin.

The second witness for the defense was an emergency room physician who testified as to the cuts on the victim’s arm. Dog bites, she said. The state police “expert” said they were made by pieces of taillight, none of which had blood on them, but hey, it’s Canton.

The physician went to MIT.

So it was MIT vs. GED.

This next, final week will be mostly the defense shooting the wounded. I’m sure Meatball is already looking for scapegoats. It would behoove Lally, as well as Lt. Tully and Sgt. Bukhenik, to again do the right thing, and this time it might be wise to max out.

You guys have embarrassed Meatball very, very badly.

It’s time now to begin the recriminations for the greatest scandal in Norfolk County “justice” since Sacco and Vanzetti.

Who is going to be Meatball Morrissey’s fall guy for this utter catastrophe, this failure to convict an innocent woman who had the temerity to challenge the cesspool that is Canton and Norfolk County? Will it be…


The breathtaking corruption of Trooper Michael Proctor?

The utter incompetence of the rest of the State Police?

Or the beyond-belief-bad prosecutor Adam Lally?

There is no wrong answer. Because this is what happens, sooner or later, in a one-party state.

It’s the hackerama.

By the way, when Hollywood starts casting this movie, one role has already been filled.

Lucky Loughran, as Himself.

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