Oh, now we remember Hunter Biden and his laptop?

Shazam! Who knew! The truth is, everybody knew. For 16 months, though, it went against party orthodoxy to acknowledge the Bidens’ breathtaking, Clinton-esque corruption.

Remember when the story about Hunter Biden’s X-rated laptop broke in October 2020, how everyone in the Deep State including their card-carrying fellow travelers in the Democrat media unanimously dismissed it as “Russian disinformation?”

Well, now it turns out that the narrative of Russian disinformation was nothing more than Democrat disinformation.

Of course, anyone paying any attention always knew that the laptop was 100% legit — all the crooked Biden deals, the pornographic images of drug-addled Hunter with Russian hookers, and most importantly the references to the 10% kickbacks to “the Big Guy.”

But there was an election to win, so the man-bun media went all in on the hoax du jour — that the laptop was yet another sinister plot by the Russians.

Stop me if you’ve heard this one before.

This time, instead of concocting a non-existent scandal out of whole cloth — like the Russian collusion hoax — the conniving grandees of Fake News decided to claim that a real scandal, Hunter Biden’s laptop confessions about his career as a bagman for the Big Guy, was an
October surprise dirty trick from the GOP.

So the Democrats suppressed the story, literally. The New York Post, which broke the massive story of decades of Democrat corruption, was banned from Twitter for weeks.

Fifty Democrat “intelligence officials” — briefers and yes-men one and all — issued a statement claiming the lap top was Kremlin agitprop.

These Beltway bandits learned well from Saul Alinsky — always accuse the other guys of whatever it is you’re doing.

Once upon a time, not so long ago, most of the American media at least went through the motions of trying to remain … on the level. No longer.

The difference now is, the Democrat party is no longer a political organization as much as it is a cult, a proselytizing creed.

Religions always set up organs to propagate the faith. Jehovah’s Witnesses have The Watchtower. The Vatican has its own official newspaper, L’Osservatore Romano.

The Democrat party controls multiple publishing and broadcasting arms, but its most authoritative bulls — in more ways than one — are issued by The New York Times.

Every morning, the Times publishes, for its ever-dwindling congregation of trust-funded true believers, the Democrats’ Holy Writ. The Times hasn’t been a newspaper, per se, for years. It’s a religious tract.

And thus it was that on Thursday, when the Times issued the latest Democrat bull.

It was in the 24th paragraph of a particularly turgid catechism that the Times pronounced the cult’s new doctrine on the criminal probe of Hunter Biden and his laptop:

“(It was) abandoned by Mr. Biden in a Delaware repair shop. The email and others in the cache were authenticated by people familiar with them and with the investigation.”

Shazam! Who knew! The truth is, everybody knew. For 16 months, though, it went against party orthodoxy to acknowledge the Bidens’ breathtaking, Clinton-esque corruption.

What does all this mean for the future of Dementia Joe Biden? This wasn’t a “scoop,” after all.

It was more like white smoke coming out of the chimney at the Sistine Chapel — signaling a change of guard.

Of course, after the bull was issued by the Times, the true believers in the press just said what they also say when another “bombshell” blows up in their hands, debunked, as they like to say.

Nothing to see here, folks, move along.

As for the Brandon regime, their flack said there would be no comment about the feds’ probe of Hunter Biden because he’s not a government employee. A new policy, obviously, considering that Biden couldn’t shut up about the criminal cases involving either Jussie Smollett (a felon whom he adores) or Kyle Rittenhouse (an innocent man he excoriated).

Let’s take a stroll down memory lane to reflect on all the whoppers that the Democrats used to sweep the revelations from the laptop under the rug.

James Clapper, the 81-year-old retired hack DNI director who was almost indicted for lying under oath to Congress, went on a Democrat news network to describe the story as “classic textbook uh Soviet tradecraft at work.”

Which turned out to be classic textbook uh Democrat tradecraft at work.

But my favorite dereliction of journalistic duty from the Democrats’ pre-election cover-up was from the “public editor” of NPR — National Panhandler Radio.

In case any of the wrinkly trust-funded NPR listeners were wondering why the Biden scandal was getting such a thorough leaving alone, the answer was this:

“We don’t want to waste our time on stories that are not really stories.”

That’s NPR for you. Locally, at that very same moment these same con artists were beatifying Monica Cannon-Grant, the foul-mouthed racist grifter indicted by a federal grand jury last week.

This is the same NPR/PBS industrial complex that destroyed the career of Mish Michaels. The talented meteorologist died tragically last week at age 53 five years after she was fired from Channel 2 for not parroting Deep State orthodoxy about vaccines and so-called climate change.

But I guess that’s another NPR story that’s not really a story, because it makes the Beautiful People look bad.

One final question: when does the New York Post get its Pulitzer Prize for breaking the story of biggest political scandal since the New York Times gave itself a Pulitzer Prize for promoting Hillary Clinton’s fake-news Russian collusion hoax?

You know the answer to that one. The Post has three chances of collecting a Pulitzer.

Slim, fat and none.

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