NBC Town hall turns into debate: Guthrie vs. Trump

Yesterday was a huge news day. Hunter Biden’s laptop was still the top story– unless you get your news from CNN.

I mean– “Pop” payoffs, a crack pipe and a bathtub– that has all the ingredients of a bombshell story.

Thanks to Twitter– Hunter’s story became even bigger than it would have been originally. You see, Jack Dorsey (the leader of the Thought Police at Twitter) decided to censor tweets that linked to the NY Post story.

Which leads us to our first stop in Tweet Beat.

The Streisand effect

Naturally, after Dorsey’s woke patrol started blocking tweets and stories– even Trump haters had their curiosity peaked.

Why would the MSM go through such trouble to kill a story if it wasn’t a big deal? Once you tell people they can’t read something– suddenly it is the only thing they want to get their hands on.

In other news…


As we started the show yesterday, another hilarious piece of news broke.
Steve Scully, the totally on-the-level, bipartisan, respectable C-Span journalist came clean.

If you forget what prompted this confession, fear not. I have an entire Tweet Beat dedicated to Scully’s fake hacking…click here.

But yesterday Scully finally admitted that yes, he did write that tweet to The Mooch. In classic old-man-who-is-bad-with-technology fashion, he meant to send it as a direct message, but tweeted it out to the entire universe.

More importantly, yes, he lied about being hacked. It would take a heart of stone not to laugh.

And if you are even thinking of feeling sorry for Scully, let me remind you– in his apology, he blamed Trump.

That’s right. Even when liberals are 1000% in the wrong, Orange Man is still somehow the one to blame. They always revert to their old stand by…Trump made me do it.

By the way…I’d be remiss if I didn’t add in some of the original tweets defending Scully after he claimed to have been hacked.

These didn’t age well.

POTUS vs. Guthrie

It was hard not to notice that the NBC anchor had her claws out last night. She didn’t just interrupt him, she also stepped in when he was responding to questioners in the audience.

But there were some great moments despite Guthrie’s interruptions.

When you’re smiling…

I did not see this coming. But what a nice moment of levity in an otherwise intense night. Also it was refreshing to see that not every woman in the crowd hated Trump as much as Guthrie.

Speaking of…

Trump’s Hype Woman

There was a lady sitting behind the President who managed to gain plenty of attention on social media. She would enthusiastically nod or give a big thumbs up when the President would list off his accomplishments or fight back against the other debater.

I’m sure the nodding woman will be cancelled by the MSM shortly. But she is definitely a hero in my book!

Meanwhile, over in BidenLand

I knew George Stephanolpous was going to be bad. Seriously, I told myself over and over throughout the day. But still- even I was impressed with just how weak he was–especially when you flipped over to the crazed Guthrie.

I am not saying Stephy should have interrupted Joe as much as Guthrie did Trump. But lord, George let Biden ramble on for what felt like years. Joe can take a simple question about taxes or jobs and somehow end up talking about his days as a lifeguard in the 1800’s.

Shoot ’em in the leg

Why didn’t the cops think of that before? And Biden wonders why he has no support from law enforcement. Yikes.

Transgender Question

Joe must have missed the quick change in Merriam-Webster.

Joe only wrote the good parts of the 1994 Crime Bill.

How lucky is Biden? Sure he was involved in the terrible 1994 crime bill–BUT he was involved in all the good parts of it, and none of the bad parts. Can you say luck of the Irish?!

Court Packing

Even ABC George was forced to push back slightly on Joe Biden when it came to packing the SCOTUS.

Biden’s answer was a complete mess.

Thanks for clearing that one up Joe!

Beyond the town halls…

President Trump does not mince words. Are you out there Senator Collins? This tweet is for you.

If you need something inspiring today…

We are heading into the weekend and it has been another rollercoaster few days in politics. There were no shortage of bombshells, backstabbing and spin. But this clip was such a refreshing and wonderful piece of hope to find on my timeline today.

This moment moved me to tears. There is plenty to admire about Judge Amy Coney Barrett– her sharp mind, her career accomplishments, her devotion to her family. But after hearing these kind of stories, from real people who needed her help, I think what I admire most about her is her kindness. She is the best of the best and I can’t wait until she is sitting on the Supreme Court.

Enjoy the weekend, try to take a break from the nuttiness! We start it all up again on Monday!

And don’t forget to tune in to today’s show at 3 PM.

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