Mueller stumbles, forgets, passes on that question

This is the way the Russian collusion hoax ends, like the famous T.S. Eliot poem, not with a bang but a whimper.

So Robert Mueller thinks the current president is named “Trimp,” and he can no longer recall which president appointed him (interim) US attorney in Massachusetts in 1986.

“Which senator?” he asked when the question was posed to him. Then he stared vacantly ahead, pondering long and hard before coming up with… “President Bush?”

After being corrected, Mueller gulped and said sheepishly, “My mistake.”

Let’s go straight to the audiotape of John Kerry’s Class of ’61 classmate at St. Paul’s School:

“Can you repeat the question?… The question was?… I’m not gonna speak to that… We did not make that determination… Uh, I’m not gonna speak to that… I cannot answer the question…. I don’t know…. Let me turn that over to Mr. Zebley…. I pass on answering that question….”

Did you notice how he couldn’t seem to understand any of the Republicans’ questions, but he had no such problems with the Democrats?

“I can’t answer that question… What was the question?… Outside our purview… I’m not gonna talk about specifics… I’m not gonna speak to that… This is an area I cannot speak to… I’m not gonna get into that, as I said at the outset… Questions such as that should go to the FBI… That went a little fast for me… Again, I cannot respond….”

Ready for the dog track – that’s how Don Imus used to describe anyone who appeared over the hill, shall we say.

Is it safe to say that Robert Swan Mueller is… ready for the dog track? Or is it the glue factory?

Is he rounding third? Has he reached the checkout counter?

On my radio show Tuesday, I asked why he was bringing a lawyer with him, when it was clear from his earlier press conference at the Justice Department that what he really needed was a nurse.

That was an understatement, as it turns out.

It’s clearer now than ever that Mueller was just a figurehead for his 19 angry Democrats, as President Trimp, er Trump, called his staff of Hillary and Obama partisans and campaign contributors.

How could Mueller not know who, or what, Fusion GPS was? The answer is, because all he was was a patsy for the Deep State. The real angry Democrat running the botched frame-up was Andrew Weissman, the crooked cop who went to Hillary’s “victory” celebration on election night 2016.

“Let me explain Weissman’s m.o.,” former DC US attorney Joe DiGenova was saying yesterday. “Get someone under oath, catch him in a misstatement, any misstatement, then indict him for perjury or obstruction, and don’t even worry if there’s no underlying crime, which there wasn’t here.”

Poor Mueller. About the third time one of the Republicans asked him something and then cited a page number in his report, I expected him to shout out, “BINGO!” It was Weekend at Bernie’s, Capitol Hill remake.

“Those areas I’m gonna stay away from… The question was?… I defer to the Department of Justice… I can’t answer that… That portion of the matter does not fall within our jurisdiction… It’s out of our bailiwick… I can’t get into that… Do I know what?… I’m not familiar with that particular part that you’re talking about… Pardon?”

According to his 448-page report, the president wanted him fired. When a Democrat asked him if that was accurate, he said, “Correct.” When a Republican asked him the same question –whether POTUS wanted to fire him – Mueller replied, “I can’t answer that question.”

“Can you repeat the question?… Can you repeat the question?… Can you repeat the question?… Can you repeat the question?”

The most blood was drawn by Rep. Mike Turner of Ohio. He stacked law books on his desk and produced a DOJ flow chart and then asked the dazed Mueller, “Where exactly is the Office of Exoneration?”

Inveterate tweeters James Comey and Rachel Maddow vanished off the radar screen. Thhose inept Obama-era spooks Clapper and Brennan went MIA on cable TV, and with good reason – the Russian collusion hoax is now busted as the “intelligence” community’s latest WMD hoax.

It were a prize fight, the referee would have stopped it in the second round. “No mas, no mas!”

What are the only three words Mueller remembers from his prep-school Latin classes? Non compos mentis.

Has anyone ever seen Bob Mueller and Admiral Stockdale in the same room? “Who am I, why am I here?”

“I can’t get into it…. I’m not going to get into that… I’m sorry… The question was?… I’m sorry….”

This is how the world ends, not with a bang but a whimper. About that T.S. Eliot poem from 1925: Its title is “The Hollow Men.” You saw the hollow men yesterday. They can’t even run a show trial.

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