Massachusetts Overrun by Undocumented Democrats

Like so many other Democrat politicians, Governor Maura Healey has done a complete 180.

Now that she’s well on her way to realizing the Democrats’ dream of turning Massachusetts into a flophouse for the Third World, you’d think Gov. Maura Healey would be happy.

But no – like so many other Democrat politicians, she’s done a complete 180 and is now delivering a not-so-subtle message to the foreign freeloaders swarming across the border in search of free stuff, forever.

As she warned on a local TV chat show Sunday: “There are a lot of places in the country where people can go once they cross into the United States.”

Really? Where exactly are the human smugglers and fentanyl dealers and 13-year-old pregnant Guatemalans going to get more free stuff than they can grab on the dole here?

Isn’t this exactly what the Democrats of Massachusetts wanted? At least until the illegals started showing up in their million-dollar neighborhoods.

Every day, you hear about the celebrations of diversity that these undocumented Democrats are contributing to our rainbow mosaic of life in Massachusetts.

On the same weekend that Maura was putting out the “No Vacancy” sign, at UMass a nice young Turkish Muslim was living out that virtue-signaling “COEXIST” bumper sticker with some Jewish students.

Efe Ercelik, of Istanbul, has now been charged with two counts of a&b with a dangerous weapon, vandalism, a&b with intent to intimidate, a&b and disorderly conduct.

According to witnesses, here are some of the statements made to Jewish students by the adherent of the Religion of Peace:

“You think you’re so tough waving a flag, Zionist bleepbag, let’s see how tough you are when I’m out here… You aren’t allowed to eat pork, so why are you walking around like fat bleeping pigs?”

After this hate crime by a Muslim, the third-rate college issued a pathetic statement saying, “Antisemitism, Islamophobia or any form of bigotry have no place in our community.”

I’m confused. Is the $290,000-a-year “interim chancellor” with the hyphenated last name saying that this Muslim alien who was allegedly punching Jews in the face and wielding a knife was a victim of… Islamophobia?

Maura issued her no-room-at-the-inn edict a day or so after local ICE agents arrested a convicted illegal alien murderer from Venezuelan who was living in a Third World vacation spa in Bourne formerly known as Joint Base Cape Cod.

Jordano Gotopo-Lopez, 38, heard the dog whistle Biden is blowing for every shiftless, vicious murderer in the world, and blew into Texas in July. He was given a “notice to appear,” which in Biden-speak means disappear.

So naturally he fled to the state with the highest welfare payments, and where the cops look the other way on practically every crime – at least if you’re an illegal alien anyway.

Hey, Gov. Healey, why do think we’re being invaded? Because you’ve had the Welcome Wagon out.

Not that all the illegal aliens in Massachusetts are violent criminals.

Consider Osakpamwan Henry Omoruyi and Osaretin Godspower Omoruyi – Nigerians who flopped into Canton and then began stealing COVID welfare funds under false identities. But the Africans’ big score was $2 million in what the US attorney calls “romance scams.”

And then they wired the money back to Africa.

Fortunately, there will be room in the US for the Omoruyi boys – last week they were sentenced to 72 and 78 months in federal prison, respectively.

ICE’s Boston office for Enforcement and Removal Operations (ERO) has been trying to round up some of these undocumented Democrats before they can commit even more crimes. They put out press releases with each arrest.

For instance, they grabbed a Mexican illegal in Concord Oct. 25. He had committed multiple violent crimes going back to 2005 in Leominster. I wonder if he was staying at the Illegal Alien Arms on Route 2 there at the rotary.

In June in Westford, they bagged a Mexican human smuggler who’d been deported eight times. This time they got him for selling drugs. They’ve arrested Haitian illegals for a&b in Massachusetts and another for arson of a church.

This Third World crime wave was kept somewhat in check when Trump was president, but since Biden’s installation, it is utterly out of control. And a disproportionate number are coming to Massachusetts because… Democrats.

On Oct. 18, a 52-year-old illegal alien from Brazil was grabbed in Plymouth. He’d been accused of murder of a child under the age of 14. Biden became president in January 2021 and the accused child murderer swam the Rio Grande in May 2021.

Where else would he head except Massachusetts? He heard there was no work here.

A day earlier, in Waltham, ERO bagged a 35-year-old Guatemalan, a convicted pedophile who’d done a year in prison in California. After being released, he immediately took it on the lam to the sanctuary state of Massachusetts. Of course he did!

The Waltham police arrested him, but “following his arrest and subsequent release by the Waltham District Court….”

Stop me if you’ve heard this one before. Judge Shelley Joseph could not be reached for comment.

On Oct. 11, a 30-year-old Guatemalan was arrested by ERO in Lynn and charged with multiple counts of rape, and a&b on a pregnant woman. Despite being an illegal alien charged with rape, ERO says he’d been “released on supervised probation.”

But Maura tells all her amigos, you don’t have to go home but you can’t stay here.

My final question: whatever happened to Healey’s plea to her fellow virtue-signaling Democrats to take in a few of these poor oppressed victims of racism-nativism-xenophobia-Islamophobia-etc.?

Where are all those millions of local Bernie Bros with their trust funds and their jobs at the non-profits and their squirrelly little goatees? How many of these foreign freeloading fiends can you fit into the spare bedrooms in your mansion in the suburbs?

Has anyone volunteered? Even one?

Hey, Maura, when the phone don’t ring, you’ll know it’s all your Democrat voters in Massachusetts.

Hate has no home here, and neither do illegal aliens. And now it’s official state policy.

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