It is election eve! (Tweet Beat) – 11.2.20

It is the day before the biggest election of our lifetimes!

So we can’t waste time on pleasantries…let’s get to it.

First up, this is a must-see pro-Trump ad.

Biden’s Final Pitch

Joe Biden is closing up his campaign pitch…and it is….interesting.

Anti-Fracking celebrity pretends to be redneck to appeal to voters in middle America…

Lady Gaga REALLY showed what she thinks of average Americans.

On the plus side she is finally putting an end to the question of whether or not a President Biden would end fracking.

And they wonder why there are shy Trump voters…

Tolerance strikes again!

Cuomo is trolling us at this point, right?

Fredo either has the least amount of self-awareness ever or he is secretly trying to help get Trump re-elected by constantly remind people that the Dems are hypocrites.

Will the real Senator Harris please stand up?

Now that’s a crowd.

And the worst take of the day goes to…

But maybe this is the worst take? I can’t decide.

Socialism is on the ballot.

At least she is being honest!

The Bus Bust

It is almost game day guys. Get ready!

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