If 7th time’s the charm, we’re all millionaires

When it comes to new taxes, the hacks at the State House never take no for an answer.

Latest case in point: the unemployable layabouts last week began their latest crusade to raise the state income tax, taking the initial steps to put the multi-billion-dollar heist on the 2022 ballot.

This time they’re rebranding their odious graduated income tax as a “millionaires’ tax.”

If you’ve ever fantasized about becoming a millionaire, be sure for vote for this pig in a poke in 2022, because within a matter of months, the state will declare you a “millionaire,” at least for the purposes of paying a 9 percent income tax, as opposed to the current 5 percent and change.

Don’t worry, though, it’s for the children. And the crumbling infrastructure. It’s an investment in the future.

Their future, not ours.

If this graduated income tax scam sounds familiar, that’s because it is.

In 1962, it was put on the statewide ballot for the first time – and was rejected by 83 percent of the electorate.

In 1968 the hacks tried again – 70 percent voted no.

In 1972, the year Massachusetts was the only state in the union to vote Democrat for president, 67 percent of the voters also said no new taxes.

In 1976, the hacks tried again. No – 73 percent.

In 1994 – 64.6 percent voted no.

In 2018, the hackerama went back for a sixth bite at the apple – the Supreme Judicial Court, as hack-infested as it is, told them to go pound sand.

What part of the word “NO!!!!!!” do the payroll patriots on Beacon Hill not understand?

But they figure that the seventh time might just be the charm. And they could be right – in recent decades, the electorate has been dumbed down more than somewhat.

The hacks in the legislature have to vote in two different sessions to put this recurring tax hike catastrophe on the ballot. They took the first votes last week – of the 160-plus Democrats in the General Court, one or two, maybe as many as three, voted with their constituents who actually work for a living.

The front man for the Beacon Hill banditos is Rep. James O’Day, whose blinding intellect lights up the State House like a three-watt bulb.

He says the money will go for “education, the education foundation, transportation, infrastructure” blah-blah-blah.

In other words, it’s for the hackerama. They will claim the dough is to be “earmarked” – that’s a lie. They’ll say they’re going to put all those new billions into a “lockbox.” Another whopper, just like those “sunsetted” taxes, you know, the way the tolls on the Mass Pike were going to be ended after the original bonds were paid off – in 1989.

This isn’t the only grift they’re running right now on Beacon Hill. Remember the automatic gas tax increases that was voted down in 2014? In that campaign, the taxpayers were outspent by the hacks, 30-1, and yet we prevailed, going away, by a 53-47 margin.

But now Big Asphalt and their pinky-ring union thug cronies want another bite at that rotten apple. This time the parasites will outspend working people 300-1.

Whenever the non-working classes win a referendum question, it instantly becomes “settled law.” If we win one, the hacks pout and demand a re-do.

Consider the reduction of the state income tax to 5 percent in 2000 – 56 percent of the voters approved. Nineteen years later, the tax remains above 5 percent. The hacks can’t “afford” to take their hands out of our pockets.

If you want to know what the new billions will really be used for, check out the state pension system. On Friday, another crooked state trooper was sentenced to prison. He was convicted of embezzling $5,900 in public money and he got… two months.

That doesn’t even rise to the level of a wrist slap. At the courthouse, you know what they call these light sentences for dirty cops – professional courtesy.

The State Police have been embroiled now in two-plus years of one outrageous scandal after another. The MSP began unraveling under the former colonel – Richard McKeon. He is now collecting a pension of $169,777 a year.

One of his top henchmen was Dan Risteen, the boyfriend of weed-dealing, money-laundering, gangster-moll, drugged-out state trooper Leigha Genduso. She got busted off the K-9 unit, but nobody laid a glove on Dan Risteen – his pension is $159,999 a year.

Risteen was an extra in “The Departed,” a movie about crooked cops, with another statie named Francis Hughes. Hughes likewise bailed out when the truth about the organized-crime family known as the MSP started oozing out.

Hughes’ state pension: $174,478 a year.

This insatiable greed is why the hacks need to turn everyone in the state with a real job into a “millionaire.” They need to keep their corrupt, no-heavy-lifting gravy train going – it beats working.

It is said in the Good Book that the wages of sin is death. Now the wages of sin also includes a state pension – 80 percent, no state taxes, plus health care.

But don’t worry – only the “millionaires” will be supporting this ongoing orgy of waste, fraud and abuse. Until, of course, the “millionaires” exercise some basic common sense, by a) getting their reported income under what will be an ever-lower threshold, or b) moving to New Hampshire or Florida or some other sane state with no income tax.

I’m opting for Florida. The weather’s better. Ask any millionaire.

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