Hunter Biden, the poster boy for “Democrat privilege”

These tax-cheating rich bastards aren’t paying a damn thing.

If there’s one principle that Dementia Joe Biden cares about more than any other, it’s that all Americans should pay their “fair share” of taxes.

As he sternly tweeted last January: “We’re making corporations and the super-wealthy start to pay their fair share in taxes.”

Because, you see, these tax-cheating rich bastards aren’t paying a damn thing, as he so often points out, as in June 2022:

“They don’t pay a penny so if we had a minimum tax of 15 percent, a minimum 15 it doesn’t hurt them at all. They make a lot of money still and we could raise a lot of money to make sure that child care doesn’t cost you 1400 bucks a month.”

Because, see, some fathers refuse to pay child support to their children, especially the illegitimate ones they have with ex-strippers. These greedy hypocritical rich swine fly around in private jets to court appearances, and then have the nerve to tell the family-court judge they’re broke.  But I digress….

“I think you should be able to make a trillion dollars,” Joe Biden said last March. “Just pay your fair share, Jack.”

Ah, so there’s the rub. Joe wants this random guy named “Jack” to pay his fair share. He said nothing about his own son Hunter. Hunter’s fair share is apparently… nothing.

Which is why Hunter now finds himself indicted in federal court in California, charged with income-tax evasion, failure to file and pay taxes and filing false or fraudulent tax returns.

I guess Hunter Biden wasn’t listening to Pop back on Sept. 16, 2021.

“All I’m asking is you pay your fair share. Pay your fair share!”

It is a recurring theme for the president known as Brandon.

“Look,” he thundered on June 3, 2022, “if you can make a billion dollars I’m all for it. Just pay a little bit of it. Just pay a little bit of your fair share, you know? Pay your fair share!”

Can we quote you on that, Mr. President?

“I think,” Hunter’s dad proclaimed on Oct. 6, “you should be able to be a trillionaire or billionaire or a a zillionaire if you want. But pay your taxes for God’s sake, pay some fair something approaching a fair tax.”

What we have here, yet again, is the old Democrat double standard. If they didn’t have double standards, they’d have no standards at all. Taxes for thee, but not for me. Do as we say, not as we do.

Just like free speech, as we saw with the college presidents from the Poison Ivy League this week at that Congressional hearing. If you “misgender” someone and use the wrong pronouns, that can get you cancelled. Argue that there are only two genders – you’re fired!

But if you chant “Gas the Jews!” well, then it all depends on the context.

It’s the same with paying taxes. The context here is, if you’re Hunter Biden, you don’t have to worry about paying no stinkin’ taxes. Pay no attention to what Daddy Joe Biden says out on the road.

“You can make a billion dollars,” he screamed on March 11 of last year. “Make a billion dollars for God’s sake! Pay your fair share dammit right now!”

Joe says Hunter Biden is the smartest man he knows. But for such a towering intellect, Hunter seems to make the kind of criminal errors lesser mortals learn to avoid early on.

In fact, some might argue that Hunter is the poster boy for what other Democrats like to call “white privilege,” although it might be described more precisely as “Democrat privilege.”

For example, if you don’t have Democrat privilege, you might want to refrain from publicly bragging about crimes you’ve committed, especially if the statute of limitations hasn’t yet expired.

You’d think a graduate of Yale Law School might comprehend this basic legal concept. And you certainly wouldn’t want to include a laundry list of your crimes in your “memoir,” lest they end up being quoted in your indictment.

Which in Hunter’s case they are, in paragraphs 115 and 116.

Do you know how jammed up the average guy without Democrat privilege can get if he doesn’t pay alimony to his ex-wife? This alimony headache is nothing new. The late actor John Barrymore observed more than 80 years ago:

“You never know how short a month is until you have to pay alimony.”

But it’s never been a problem for Hunter.

In paragraph 75 of the indictment, the feds quote Hunter’s Oct. 13, 2018 text to his ex-wife Kathleen. He’s saying he can’t pay her because “the wire came back due to insufficient funds/you know tuitions alimony taxes rent. Jesus.”

The feds boldfaced the word “taxes” because, as they noted, “The Defendant had not paid his 2017 taxes when he sent that text.”

So if Hunter didn’t have the money to pay legally-obligated alimony in 2018, how was he spending his ill-gotten gains that year?

According to paragraph 38, in 2018 Hunter took out $772,548 in “ATM/Cash Withdrawal.” He also dished out $383,548 in “Payments – Various Women.”

Hunter also invested another $100,330 in 2018 on “Adult Entertainment.”

In all, Hunter spent $1,852,031 in 2018, “despite having done little to no business in that year,”

as the feds note in paragraph 114.

Of course all this amounts to nothing in the end. Hunter won’t do any prison time, because… Democrats.

The sleazy prosecutor who filed this laff-riot of an indictment is the same guy who last summer was trying to broom the entire case against Hunter. His name is David Weiss, and he allowed the statute of limitations to run out on all of Hunter’s Burisma-related tax cheating from 2014-15.

But now we’re supposed to believe Weiss is on the level. And for goodness sake don’t goggle his father “Meyer Weiss crooked IRS agent $200,000 payoffs.”

Thank God for the IRS whistleblowers, a handful of GOP Congressmen and a Trump judge. But whatever happens at trial, Hunter skates. Democrat privilege – don’t leave the crack house without it.

Let’s close with Joe’s stern warning from April 2022 for you and me and of course for “Jack.” But not for Hunter.

“I think if you can make a billion dollars or a million dollars or a hundred million you should be able to do it.” His voice then dropped to a whisper. “But pay your fair share!”

Hey Joe, here’s a quarter, call someone who cares. Better yet, call Hunter.

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