Daily Wire’s Lady Ballers proves Conservatives are funnier, too

A movie with a Ted Cruz cameo and most of its promotional material on X is beating out the DiCaprio-DeNiro drama.

So let me get this straight (no pun intended).

If a biological male—with a Y chromosome and a genital appendage—begins wearing dresses, makeup and frolics through a field for millions on TikTok to see and then snags a six-figure brand deal with a cheap beer company, he is, suddenly, a girl.

If a biological male—with testosterone levels five-fold above that of his female counterpart—decides he would like to participate in women’s cycling instead of men’s, he is suddenly a woman… and a winner.

But if a biological male wears dresses and makeup in a film or competes against women in a film to parody such caricatures and appropriators of femininity, that is a “mockery.”

This mockery in question is not that of women. These days, a jibe to the female tribe bothers no true progressive. Yesterday’s feminists laugh along to male woman-of-the-year Dylan Mulvaney’s menstruation jokes and makeup tutorials.

The “mockery” to be admonished is, rather, of trans women. The film in question is the Daily Wire’s new comedy, Lady Ballers.

The Daily Wire, originally a news and podcast company, has lately branched out into creative merchandise like chocolate and cigars as well as into children’s cartoons and feature-length films. Last Friday, they released their first comedy, shedding timely light on the absurdity that is full-grown men entering female sports competitions.

“Hollywood won’t make a movie about how laughably absurd it is that we now allow grown men to call themselves women and then dominate women’s sports,” Daily Wire editor Jeremy Boreing explained alongside the trailer release.

“So we did.”

Queer publication LGBTQ Nation has placed the movie under its “Bias Watch,” slamming the pure concept as derisive and disrespectful to “trans women and girls.”

The movie takes on the classic tropes of a corny sports film. There’s a washed-up gym teacher, played by Boreing, who goes on a quest to bring the team that once won a championship back together. The jokes range from obvious puns and quick slapstick to more insider baseball, like the direct parody of trans-TikToker Dylan Mulvaney’s partnership with Anheuser-Busch.

There are also subliminal messages in favor of the traditional family structure, critiques of stereotypical leftists, and parodies of modern society. The film’s villain—a deviant, self-indulgent feminist journalist—functions as a superb commentary on soullessness in the 21st century.

From podcast subscriptions to chocolate sales, Daily Wire has proven that a “conservative economy” may exist in real life. While the goods and services may contain conservative tropes, they need not be obviously conservative or exclusive to “right-wingers.” They just need to be of high quality. The rest will fall into place naturally.

The company has now produced dramas and documentaries that are not only free from the burgeoning depravity of corporations like Disney but are also engaging, educational, or otherwise entertaining.

In 2020, the media company debuted Run, Hide, Fight, an action thriller that, while holding an audience on the edge of its seat, also functions as a commentary on the current public school system’s short-sighted emergency protocol.

Then, in 2022, podcaster and pundit Matt Walsh came out with another streaming success called What is a Woman? The documentary exposed the transgender industry as a profit-seeking endeavor, deeply embedded in high academia and medical institutions. Most provocatively, the inconvenient truth came straight from the mouths of leftist professors and therapists as Walsh casually listened on camera.

Walsh, who stars in Lady Ballers as the divorcee’s crunchy new lover, took to X to sum up the mission of the Daily Wire’s latest movie.

“Trans ideology is evil. Like all evil things it deserves to be mocked. Mockery is one of the most powerful weapons against it.”

He continued, “[Lady Ballers] makes fun of something needs to be made fun of.”

The company, founded in 2015 by Boreing and celebrity commentator Ben Shapiro, has grown rapidly, filling a vacuum created by the collapse of traditional journalism and its perversion into Democrat party agitprop.

Comedy once meant poking fun at oneself and mocking stereotypes and the elites. Today, what was once considered “comedy” is denounced as “hate speech.” Woke censorship and cultural ostracism now dictates what the populace will be permitted to laugh at.

Johnny Carson would be cancelled today by NBC – not for poor ratings, but for his failure to follow the party line. All the networks prefer late-night shills promoting Democrat propaganda. Most of the viewers, of course, long ago reached for their remote controls. Click!

Real America still seeks real entertainment, the ability to laugh at what is laughable. For some reason, the Deep State and its amen chorus in the media cannot figure out why Dave Chappelle, Greg Gutfeld, and now Jeremy Boreing et al. are rising to the top.

Lady Ballers is number-one in streamed movies this week on Rotten Tomatoes. It’s earned an audience score of 92% (down from this morning’s 94% that came prior to widespread notice and an influx of thumbs-down by the usual comrades). Think about it: a movie with a Ted Cruz cameo and most of its promotional material on X is beating out the DiCaprio-DeNiro drama Killers of the Flower Moon.

The Daily Wire has done it again, proving conservatives are not only smarter and better at business than the Left. They’re officially funnier, too.

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