Howie’s Take on the Debate – 9.30.20

Wednesday pre-show thoughts, mostly on the debate:

Never much liked Chris Wallace, even when he was on my radio show once a week, but now I like him even less.

Line of the night from Trump: “I’ve done more in 47 months than you did in 47 years.”

Monday-morning quarterbacking: Trump shouldn’t have interrupted Dementia Joe so often, because as we all know for Joe’s Basement Tapes, the longer he talks, the more he loses it.

How can “journalists” (Mourning Joe, Atlantic, Slate, etc.) not want any more debates?

So even though Trump didn’t slam-dunk Dementia Joe the way we hoped he would, he must have won, or the Democrat sycophants with press passes wouldn’t be screaming, “No mas!”

Not one single Second Amendment question, for the obvious reason: it would have helped Trump. The fact that record numbers of Americans, including blacks and women, are buying guns this year illustrates Trump’s point about anarchy and crime.

Wallace is such a hack he compared random mayhem in GOP cities like Tulsa and Fort Worth to the total trashing of Portland-Seattle-Minneapolis – totally dishonest, just like talking about “white supremacy” in Kenosha.

Last time I checked, Kyle Rittenhouse was a 17-year-old lifeguard.

Who killed the guy in Portland, or the two black teenagers in Seattle, or Capt. David Dorn in St. Louis, or the one-year-old in Brooklyn?….

Can we get a fact check over here on Mike Wallace’s kid?

And BTW, Rittenhouse shot those two ANTIFA thugs in self-defense – has “Chuck” Wallace ever studied the videos.

I saw those videos on Tucker Carlson’s show. Doesn’t Wallace watch his own network?

How the hell did Biden’s handlers let him bring up his “son,” even though it was Biden was referring to the sainted Bo (or is it Beau?).

It just allowed Trump to bring up whore-mongering, cocaine-addled, alcoholic, sleeping-with-his-sister-in-law Hunter, and all his worldwide shakedowns.

“Totally discredited,” Dementia Joe kept saying. “Totally discredited.”

Finally Trump says, “By whom?”

I wish there’d been an audience in Cleveland. Trump works so much better in front of a crowd. He wouldn’t have been scowling so much, he would have been making eye contact, winking, pointing, etc. Watch the difference tonight in Duluth.

How does Joe accuse Trump of not leaving “the bunker,” but then he says he’s never even called the mayor of Portland or the governor of Oregon, both of whom are left-wing lunatics who are all in on the fundamental transformation of America.

I just wish Trump had asked Joe the names of the mayor and the governor. (God knows Wallace would never have engaged in such lese majeste towards a grandee of the DemoKKKrat party. Maybe it would have even been… blasphemy.)

Joe Biden said ANTIFA is just an “idea.” A very bad idea, from basement-dwelling beer-bellied losers, to destroy the country.

How come POTUS is the one who’s criticized for lack of “civility” when Biden calls him a clown (twice), a liar, a racist, and tells him to “Shut up, man!”

A few other things: if you ever wondered how totalitarian MSNBC is, Glenn Greenwald (of the Intercept, very left-wing guy generally, also gay) has been banned because he’s a “skeptic” on Obamagate.

Doubting the hoax is now a capital crime in the alt-left media. Greenwald said Matt Taibbi of the fake-news Rolling Stone is also cancelled… for the same reason.

Biden lied about the Green New Deal, but was anyone expecting him to tell the truth?

Brian Kilmeade is a great guy, but why did he delete his tweet about how the debate at times seemed like two-on-one. (We know, for the same reason Mollie Hemingway got briefly banned, and why Newt Gingrich was cut off when he brought up George Soros…. Even Fox, sadly,has bought into the cancel culture.)

Trump’s tweet this a.m. summed it up: “Chris had a tough night.”

One last thing about Trump’s taxes, recycled for the third time by the New York Times.

In MA we have the option of voluntarily paying at the old 5.85 percent income tax rate (as opposed to what is now 5 percent).

In the last full tax year, 2018, exactly 1205 of MA’s 3,926,360 filers opted to “check the box” and pay more than they had to.

By minimizing his taxes as best he could, I think POTUS finds himself in pretty good company.

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