Howie Carr’s scandal scorecard

It was just another day in the hackerama.

A female state judge was suspended — with pay, naturally — for allegedly attacking her wife and then screaming at the arresting officers as they handcuffed her, “I’m a superior court judge, I’m a superior court judge. You can’t arrest me. Let me go.”

Bryon Hefner, the 30-year-old Pee Wee Herman-lookalike husband of the 69-year-old former male state Senate president Stanley Rosenberg pleaded guilty to a number of sexual assault charges in state court, and got a one-year suspended sentence.

In the halls of justice, the only justice is in the halls.  

The corrupt Massachusetts State Police announced the discovery of documents that may implicate additional troopers, in addition to the 46 already identified, in a massive embezzlement scheme. But sadly, the discovery comes after the statute of limitations may have expired on many of the felonies, and after the MSP told federal prosecutors they had destroyed the incriminating documents.

The Fall River City Council was considering removing Mayor Jasiel Correia after his second federal indictment last week, this one for allegedly attempting to extort more than $600,000 from drug dealers attempting to openly sell marijuana in the destitute, crime-ridden city.

The city of Boston hired a lawyer to investigate the latest alleged payoffs at City Hall, as the mayor’s close pal, who just happened to have recently purchased his house, took a leave of absence from his hack job ahead of the impending guilty plea of a $134,000-a-year hack involving a development project in which the first aide’s son was the architect.

Does the shady stuff ever end around here?

Let’s start with this latest hack state judge to be arrested. Her name is Shannon Frison, and she’s not to be confused with Judge Shelley Richmond Joseph. Frison’s facing a state rap, and Joseph is looking at serious federal time. The extinguished jurists do have one thing in common, though — they’re continuing to grab their $184,694-a-year paychecks.

According to Hudson police reports, Judge Frison’s estranged wife accused her of grabbing her hair “with force” while the other woman was holding a baby. Then the judge drove off in her silver BMW.

Must be nice to be a Massachusetts judge. Get to commit whatever the crimes you can, and … nothing happens.

Repeat after me: Do you know who I am?

In case you were wondering, before she became a judge, Shannon Frison’s favorite politicians were Deval Patrick, who appointed her, and then-Sen. Dianne Wilkerson of Roxbury. You remember her — she was the Democrat caught on videotape by the feds stuffing $100 bills into her bra.

Sen. Wilkerson’s Bureau of Prisons number: 21757-038.

Then there’s Hefner, charged ahead of his court appearance with, among other crimes, sexual assault, criminal lewdness and distributing nude photos without consent — allegedly those of another state legislator (not his sugar daddy), who was unconscious at the time.

His erstwhile bride, er better half, Stanley Rosenberg, is now collecting a tax-free state pension of $63,877.

Then there are the state police, whose motto is, To Protect and Steal. They “lost” all the payroll records in the massive fraud scheme out on the Turnpike after a very, very thorough search for the records that flack David Procopio described as “thorough, methodical and meticulous.”

Procopio, in case you were wondering, is paid $106,619 a year to spout such nonsense.

Now that the statute of limitations may have expired, the records “remain in a secure location.” Probably in the same room with the Registry of Motor Vehicles’ 71 bins of unprocessed out-of-state driver’s license suspensions.

At Boston City Hall, it’s looking a lot like 1981 all over again, with U.S. Attorney Andrew Lelling playing the role of William Weld in the remake of “The Hunt for Kevin White,” with Marty Walsh taking the role of the Mayor of America. We’ll know more when the crooked Walsh coatholder who’s pleaded guilty to taking a $50,000 bribe appears in federal court.

The only thing that’s changed since 1981 is the location of the courthouse — from Post Office Square to Northern Avenue.

Meanwhile, down in Fall River, ahead of last night’s vote by the City Council to remove the boy mayor, he announced to reporters:

“I’m conducting the city’s business.”

Yeah, monkey business. Monkey business as usual.

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