Grace’s Take: The NH MAGA Rally (PICTURES)

I was lucky enough to go to the Trump rally in Manchester NH this Monday. Let me walk you through some of the best moments from the exciting day.

First up…I made sure to dress super warm because I wasn’t sure if I’d be waiting outside for a bit. Big coat, sweatshirt, gloves…you name it! Also, I made this Howie Carr Show badge at the last minute in case I ran into any fans. (Don’t worry I was parked for this selfie!)

Bumped into RNC Delegate Lou Murray as soon as I walked in the door. He was also the National Trump Catholic Advisor in 2016. Lou helped me get a lot of great guests later in the day.

Speaking of great guests…Matt Schlapp, the Chairman of the American Conservative Union, was one of the big names who agreed to be on the show. He also agreed to tons of selfies with fans (including myself).

There were a few Fox personalities at the venue which was awesome. I spotted Trump campaign National Press Secretary Kayleigh McEnany!

During the 4 o’clock hour Howie wanted to talk to a Trump supporter. There were so many upbeat and energetic people at the rally that it was hard to choose. But I am so glad I went with Eric from Portsmouth. He ended up being an A+ interview!

Senator Rick Scott from sunny Florida was awesome!

Met some wonderful fans before the rally started!

Retired Wisconsin Rep. Sean Duffy was thrilled to be attending the rally. He brought so much enthusiasm to the event!

A former VIP/ birthday attendee spotted me in the crowd. Howie Carr Nation is stronger than ever!

When Donald Trump Jr. showed up, the crowd went wild. He was surrounded by Trump supporters so I got my selfie from afar!

VP Pence and Donald Trump Jr. were just a few of the warm up speakers. And they did an incredible job.

Ivanka and Jared watched the speakers from the side of the stage.

Finally it was time for the President and he brought down the house!

Thanks to Tom Mountain, a Trump campaign spokesperson for Massachusetts and New Hampshire, I had an unbelievable seat.

Thanks for reading guys! I hope I get to attend another MAGA rally soon. It was truly a blast.

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