Gen. Milley is now the Democrats’ latest crush

Why is that the most reprehensible person in any big national news story always seems to be from Massachusetts?

Why is that the most reprehensible person in any big national news story always seems to be from Massachusetts?

C’mon down, Gen. Mark “Thoroughly Modern” Milley, the 63-year-old Winchester-born chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff.

It turns out that last January, in the final days of the Trump administration, this bloated beribboned buffoon phoned the head of the Chinese military, took the proverbial knee and basically begged for absolution for non-existent sins:

“Gen. Li, if we’re going to attack, I’m going to call you ahead of time. It’s not going to be a surprise.”

In other words, the groveling generalissimo was going to surrender before the war — any war — began.

Never mind that there was no such armed conflict in the works anywhere except in Milley’s unhinged mind.

The fact is, when it came to committing the U.S. military to foreign entanglements, Donald Trump was the least bellicose president since Eisenhower. Apparently Milley, suffering as he did from a full-blown case of Trump Derangement Syndrome, never noticed this.

Milley was — and is — far crazier than even the fictional coup-leading general in the old movie Dr. Strangelove, Gen. Jack D. Ripper.

Sadly for Milley, he didn’t get the opportunity to surrender to the Red Chinese. He had to wait seven months before he could preside over the greatest military humiliation the United States has ever endured, in Afghanistan.

But Dementia Joe Biden says he has “complete confidence” in Thoroughly Modern Milley. Of course he does! China is not our enemy, as Milley has burped. The Big Guy agrees – after all, they gave his crack-addled son Hunter $1.5 billion to, uh, invest.

So Milley was just sucking up to his next boss by promising to tip off the Bidens’ benefactors to our plans (as imaginary as they were).

Think back in history — what usually happens to a general who conspires with his nation’s foes to defeat his own military.

Usually they’re allowed to smoke a cigarette, after which they are blindfolded and rudely pushed up against a wall …

How is that single phone call alone not disqualifying for the nation’s top uniformed military service member?

But it’s not. Milley is now the Democrats’ latest crush, their flavor of the month. He’s the new Michael Avenatti, the next Robert Mueller.

By the way, Milley is the same guy who just described the Predator drone strike in Kabul last month as a “righteous strike.” Now we find out the dead were not terrorists, but 10 Afghan civilians, including seven children. The driver of the car that was bombed was a worker for a humanitarian nonprofit who’d been picking up not explosives, but water bottles.

Imagine if a Trump general had described such a misguided hit as a righteous strike.

But Thoroughly Modern Milley is a national hero, at least in the alt-left media. If Vegas posted odds on the next winner of the Kennedys’ Profiles in Courage award, Milley would be a prohibitive favorite.

Think of the eight-figure book contract coming his way — he’ll get a bigger advance than Andrew Cuomo. Not to mention directorships on all the Chicom-pandering Silicon Valley corporate boards? And honorary degrees and six-figure speeches before the hedge funds run by Wall Street banditos.

The stories about Milley’s willingness to betray his own country and troops first broke in the latest anti-Trump screed, “Peril.” Many were initially skeptical of the reports, but the Pentagon has denied nothing.

According to “Peril,” last January Milley was basically taking orders from House Speaker Nancy Pelosi. Nancy Pelosi!

The book includes a transcript of a call between Milley and Pelosi after the Jan. 6 so-called insurrection.

“Is there anybody in charge at the White House,” the 80-year-old shrew screeched, “who was doing anything but kissing his fat butt all over this?”

“Madam Speaker,” the obsequious Milley responded, “I agree with you on everything.”

Just consider the “fat butt” part of that exchange. In his four-star general garb, Milley looks like 10 pounds of you-know-what stuffed into a 5-pound bag. Who the hell is a guy with that many chins, who’s got to be close to three bills, to be fat-shaming anybody else?

Bottom line, Thoroughly Modern Milley is a Thoroughly Horrible Human Being. But he’s from Massachusetts, so what else would you expect him to be?

Plus, he’s a graduate, not of West Point, but of both Princeton and Columbia. The best and the brightest, in other words, who are neither.

Before this and the surrender in Afghanistan, Milley was best known for his alleged terror of “white supremacists” in the military. Because … it was a good career move.

Ironically, though, Milley finally found a General Lee he could look up to. Only it wasn’t Robert E. Lee, of the Army of Northern Virginia. It was Gen. Li Zuocheng of the People’s Liberation Army.

By the way, in case you were wondering, Milley went to the all-boys Belmont Hill School, Class of ’76. He was on the football team, along with a linebacker from the Class of ’75 who later moved to Pennsylvania and now also works for Dementia Joe under the name of Dr. Rachel Levine.

Must have been one helluva gridiron powerhouse, with two bruisers like Milley and Rachel on the same team. Belmont Hill School doesn’t have a nickname, but given the subsequent careers of the squad leaders, perhaps it would be appropriate to describe that ’74 team as the Belmont Hill School Personal Pronouns.

They went 1-6.

Why are we not surprised?

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