FBI witnesses a bombshell in Karen Read case

Could the Karen Read case be over by this afternoon?

Closing arguments this morning, followed by jury instruction. Then they get the case and how long can it possibly take to get to Not Guilty.

As the prosecution’s last witness, Dr. Thomas Rentschler, put it very succinctly, on cross examination no less:

“You can’t deny the science and the physics as to what would have happened if he was struck by a vehicle.”

So then, if John O’Keefe wasn’t struck by Karen Read’s SUV, then how was the back of his head bashed in?

Granted, everybody defendant gets to call his or her own “expert” witnesses. But there was a big difference between the usual experts-for-a-dollar and Karen Read’s yesterday.

These expert witnesses were hired by the FBI, and they were being paid, not by Karen Read, but by the feds. Employed by the feds to testify for the defense in a murder case where the victim is a police officer.

Have you ever heard of such a thing? Even once? Me neither.

Still more unprecedented, the Democrat FBI is spending money against a crooked Democrat prosecutor, Michael “Meatball” Morrissey, who even more embarrassingly, is a delegate to the national convention for Dementia Joe Biden.

Whatever happened to professional courtesy?

That’s the question Meatball has got to asking himself this morning, as he tucks into his fourth Boston crème.

Does Christopher Wray know that his G-men are going up against a loyal party apparatchik?

The experts said the taillight on Read’s vehicle could not have cracked the way Meatball says it did. So if the taillight could not have cracked, then why were the very, very ethical state troopers and Canton cops able to recover 46 pieces of said taillight in front yard where O’Keefe died.

Do you think it’s likely that at least some of the jurors have concluded that the cops – at least one of whom was expecting a “gift” for his services – were planting evidence.

In a murder case. In a murder case where the cops absolutely knew the woman was innocent.

But now it gets even worse for Meatball. There’s a second horrible police scandal brewing in Norfolk County, and it involves much of the same cast of Keystone Kops who tried to frame Karen Read.

This next catastrophe looming for Meatball is the case of Sandra Birchmore. She was a 23-year-old groomed for sex from childhood by local yokel cops next door in Stoughton.

As an adult, Sandra moved to… wait for it… Canton. And it was there she was found hanged in 2021. She was pregnant, and said the father was one of the Stoughton cops.

She seemed an odd candidate for suicide. The day she died she was seen walking into her apartment complex elevator with baby stuff for her unborn child.

One of the cops in question was also photographed going into the elevator that day, shortly after Birchmore.

After her body was discovered, despite her connection with the sleazy Norfolk County cops, Morrissey found “no evidence of foul play.” All the names you’ve heard in the Dedham courthouse these last few weeks, most of them were involved in this cover-up.

Canton. Unsolved murder. Shady cops absolved. Stop me if you’ve heard this one before.

Yesterday, a forensic physician hired by Birchmore’s family released a report saying, basically, that she was murdered. He found broken bones in Sandra’s neck, like those commonly found “in half of homicidal strangulations of women.”

To repeat, Meatball Morrissey found “no evidence of foul play.”

The lesson here is, if you want to hide something real good, just stick in one of Meatball’s law books. (But don’t put it anywhere near his stash of pepperoni pizza, extra cheese and oil.)

Now Morrissey says of the Birchmore murder, “A review is underway.”

In other words, Meatball will leave no stone unturned. Except the ones the corrupt cops are hiding under.

The defense even had another witness, a forensic physician, to prove that the cuts on O’Keefe’s arms were made by a dog, a large hound which apparently hasn’t even been seen since the snowy morning O’Keefe died in January 2022.

As if all this wasn’t bad enough, on Sunday night there was a white-trash riot in Canton. Turtleboy is the blogger who’s been Karen Read’s main defender on line. He went down for dinner at the restaurant next door to the pizza parlor owned by the McAlberts, the Canton hillbillies whose law John O’Keefe died on.

The McAlberts, who are not the brightest bulbs on the Christmas tree, decided to jump ugly with Turtleboy, in public, in broad daylight.

From the video Turtleboy posted Sunday night, it’s obvious that none of the McAlberts ever learned the basics of Street Intimidation.

First of all, as I learned long ago from Whitey Bulger, the best way to scare somebody outside is to stare at them. Glare, balefully. It works, I can attest to that.

But you don’t yell at them, in public, with witnesses present. You want until you lure them inside, and then you crack them.

This keep-your-mouth-shut-outside rule is even more basic now that everyone has a cell phone.

In the old days, you just had to worry about some cops overhearing you. Then they could later testify in court that they identify your voice because they once heard you shaking down Fat Vinny on Hanover Street.

Now, when you scream the way on Main Street like the McAlberts did Sunday afternoon, the video goes around the world live even before it leads the local 11 o’clock news, which by the way it did.

Two McAlberts now find themselves charged with assault and battery. In Canton! How the mighty are fallen.

In ancient Rome, during triumphal parades, a slave would follow behind the consul’s chariot, whispering in his ear: “Look behind you! Remember you are a man.”

In Canton this afternoon, someone should be chanting at the McAlberts:

“Look behind you! It may be the FBI.”

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