Even Mueller throwing BuzzFeed under the bus

If it weren’t for fake news, the elite mainstream Democrat media wouldn’t have any news at all.

This weekend it’s Buzzfeed, which is apparently on a crusade to become to the Internet what the Rolling Stone is to magazines, what 60 Minutes is to TV news and what The Boston Globe is to newspapers.

In other words, the absolute bottom of the barrel for fake news “bombshells.”

As always, this latest bombshell blew up in their soft, uncalloused hands. In case you missed it, Buzzfeed broke into their usual programming of adorable selfies of Millenial girls with kittens to breathlessly make up, er report, that President Trump had instructed his crooked, prison-bound lawyer Michael Cohen to lie to Congress about a legal possible real-estate proposal in Moscow that POTUS’s son had already testified truthfully about under oath.

It was, as they say, a story too good to check out, so nobody did. But CNN and MSNBC used it as a launching pad to mention some version of the word “impeachment” 179 times Friday, at least until 8 p.m. Champagne corks were popping in every sexual predator’s office at all the networks, and that’s a lot of offices.

But the trust-funders’ celebration ended abruptly as the special counsel’s office issued this statement:

“Buzzfeed’s description of specific statements… and characterizations of documents and testimony obtained by this office… are not accurate.”

To which the editor of Buzzfeed responded: “We urge the Special Counsel to make clear what he’s disputing.”

Um, re-read what they said, son. Sounds to me like Mueller’s angry Democrats are disputing… everything.

Of course, as the old saying goes, a lie goes around the world in the morning while the truth is still putting its pants on. And the Democrat operatives with press passes who make up 98 percent of the media know this.

In 2004, 60 Minutes, which runs on that network bastion of toxic masculinity known as See BS, ran a classic of fake news. CBS used bogus memos purporting to show that then President George W. Bush was practically a deserter from the Texas Air National Guard during the Vietnam war.

The problem was, the supposed memos from 1968 were created with a Microsoft word-processing program from 2003.

So that 60 Minutes bombshell was a bigger fake than MSNBC’s dynamic duo of Brian Williams and Mike Barnicle. It had more fiction than a daily double of Globe metro columns by Patricia X. Smith and Kevin Cullen.

But fake news couldn’t let go of it – the pampered pukes devoutly believed that it would be the silver bullet to get John Kerry elected president. There was a famous headline in the New York Times describing the “scoop” as “Fake But Accurate.”

Wonderful – the Times has evolved from All the News that’s Fit to Print to Fake but Accurate.

After Friday night’s tragic news that once again, the walls weren’t closing in on POTUS nor was the noose tightening, Comrade Chris Matthews took to MSNBC, sounding like the Rev. Jim Jones urging the faithful in Jonestown to partake of his delicious Kool Aid.

“’Not accurate,’” Comrade Chris assured his moonbat flock, “doesn’t mean it’s not true.”

Have you noticed how these anti-Trump fake-news bombshells almost always break on a Friday, just before a weekend? Except for a few tweets from POTUS, the fake news basically runs unchallenged. With the snowstorm, NFL playoffs, and the federal Monday holiday, this non-story would have dominated much of the networks’ airtime until Tuesday.

Hell, even after the president’s speech yesterday, the network shows will still be alibi-ing for Buzzfeed’s fiction this morning. Consider the hosts – George Stephanopoulos of ABC used to work for the Clintons. Jake Tapper of CNN used to work for Chelsea Clinton’s mother-in-law. And Chuck Todd of NBC is the former flack for Sen. Tom “Stolen Valor” Harkin of Iowa.

And those Democrats stack their panels with more Democrats. After all, five on one is Democrat fun.

It used to be, reporters at least tried to make sure their stories were factual. They came up, most of them, in the tank towns, working for small- or mid-market local TV stations or newspapers. No longer. All of the above chattering skulls are basically running their own mass-media versions of Fusion GPS – proudly peddling Democrat misinformation and smears.

You’d think Buzzfeed would have learned a lesson from the Clinton campaign’s dodgy dossier that they promoted as legitimate research before Trump’s inauguration in 2017. It was almost completely bogus, Buzzfeed is being sued for hundreds of millions of dollars on two, maybe three continents… and yet still they just couldn’t wait to post up some more fake news.

One of the Buzzfeed reporters is named Jason Leopold, and his editor described him as “one of the best journalists in the world.”

Yeah, right. If you want to understand just how truthful and accurate he is, google Leopold’s name and, among other things, “Karl Rove,” “Salon,” “multiple sources” and “plagiarism.”
He’s had a lot of bombshells over the years, if you know what I mean.

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