DEBATE BINGO CARD: Trump v. Biden and CNN

Check out our downloadable Debate BINGO card below.

If you’re like the crew at the Howie Carr Radio Network, you’ve waited a long and arduous four-ish years (under Biden, it might as well be a century) since you got to witness President Donald J. Trump tear up the debate stage.

The former president strategically forwent the GOP primary debates, allowing the also-rans to take shots at each other while he remained atop the leaderboard. With his plethora of Democrat-scheduled trials (and tribulations), perhaps you believed you’d never see the Donald step behind the podium ever again.

Plus, with the many picky parameters set by the Biden administration, perhaps you believed there couldn’t possibly by a rematch between DJT and Joseph Robinette Biden.

I’ve got bad news for the Little Marcos of the nation, and good news for any voter who craves the fun that comes with selecting the leader of the free world.

Whether you call it déjà vu or destiny, 45th President Donald Trump and 46th President Joe Biden will face off once again. It all begins tonight at 9 PM ET on CNN.

What better way to celebrate the occasion than to have a little fun with the Howie Carr Radio Network. Ladies and gentlemen, I present to you the Official 2024 Trump v. Biden and CNN Debate BINGO card:

How it works:

You’ve likely played the traditional game of numbers, letters, and little chips. Get five in a row, shout “BINGO,” and win a little plastic knick-knack. This BINGO card is a little different.

The Network put our heads together to come up with 24 scenarios that we are fairly confident could occur tonight. Some are quotes from Donald Trump and Joe Biden. Some are interactions between the candidates and moderators Jake Tapper and Dana Bash. Some involve the producers at CNN, who hold many of the cards in their hands, as this debate will include commercial breaks.

If one of these instances does happen, we mark it off on the card.

Go Bigly or Go Home

We aren’t stopping at five-in-a-row. We’re going for BLACKOUT BINGO—we think we can cover the whole card!

Join our Quest

For the first time ever, YOU can play along with us tonight during the debate, too.

Download the BINGO card file below, print it at home, and cross off all the Biden-isms and Tapper gaffes along the way.

If you decide to join our quest, be sure to tag us on X @howiecarrshow or on Instagram @howiecarrradionetwork with photos of your BINGO card!

Did we miss anything?

In a 90-minute debate, there’s bound to be plenty of moments we missed on our card. So, we want to hear from you. Leave your best predictions for the night in the comment section below.

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