DA Michael Morrissey out to lunch in Karen Read case

Yesterday, I called Morrissey’s office, read his flack his boss’ statement from last summer and asked if Meatball wanted to… clarify… his endorsement of the bent conehead cop.

Michael “Meatball” Morrissey is still standing by his man – Trooper Michael Proctor.

Last August, Meatball made a video backing his crooked lead investigator Perjury Proctor to the absolute hilt:

“Trooper Proctor had no close personal relationship with any of the parties involved in the investigation, had no conflict, and had no reason to step out of the investigation. Every suggestion to the contrary is a lie.”

That statement by Meatball was a lie – 100 percent false, as everyone knows by now who has been watching the murder trial of Karen Read in Dedham.

Yesterday, I called Morrissey’s office, read his flack his boss’ statement from last summer and asked if Meatball wanted to… clarify… his endorsement of the bent conehead cop.

Here is the response I received from Morrissey:

“The testimony stands for itself and confirms all three statements.”

In other words, Meatball still loves Perjury.

Let’s start with the statement that Perjury Proctor “had no close personal relationship with any of the parties involved in the investigation.”

Among the conehead cop’s non-interactions with the “McAlberts” was the fact that after the investigation began, Perjury Proctor got knee-walking drunk with one Kevin Albert, a Canton Keystone Kop. They were working on a “cold case” on Cape Cod. I’ll bet they were – 12- or 16-ouncers, that’s the only question.

After they got legless, they were riding around drunk out of their minds in Perjury’s MSP cruiser because… Canton.

Kevin Albert is the brother of Brian Albert, the guy on whose lawn the body of John O’Keefe was found. Canton cop Kevin Albert got so wasted riding around in Proctor’s MSP cruiser that the next morning, he was hungover enough to be planning to go out for more booze – a little hair of the dog.

But first Albert texted his fellow Canton hillbilly Proctor. The local yokel couldn’t find his gun or badge. He asked Trooper Perjury if he’d abandoned them in the MSP cruiser.

But remember, Albert and Proctor didn’t know one another. That’s Meatball’s story and he’s sticking to it.

Asked about his drunken hijinks last week on the witness stand, Perjury claimed under oath that he had no recollection of that particular bender. Then he was shown the text messages between himself and the guy he claimed to barely know.

Somehow Proctor memory suddenly came back to him.

Perjury Proctor has a toddler son, and he was looking for a babysitter. So he texted his sister and they discussed the availability of the sister-in-law of Brian Albert, on whose lawn the body was found.

As defense attorney Alan Jackson pointed out in his opening:

“Let that sink in for a second. There is a level of closeness that cannot be overstated. Michael Proctor is so connected to the Alberts that he was entrusting, and willing to entrust, the Alberts to be caregivers for his toddler child.”

Meatball says nothing to see here, move along. They didn’t even know one another.

Proctor’s sister was even tighter with the McAlberts. After Perjury slapped the handcuffs on Karen Read, she texted him that the Alberts wanted to give him a gift for a job well done.

He told his sister that the bribe, er, tip, er gift should go to his wife. But remember, he didn’t know the people he was soliciting that, uh, gratuity from.

Is it a “conflict” to be soliciting, you know, gifts, from people who are up to their eyeballs in your investigation? Maybe some places, but not in Hillbilly Heaven – Norfolk County.

There was, Meatball Morrissey says, “no reason” for Perjury Proctor to step away from the investigation of his nearest and dearest. Everything was totally on the level.

Proctor texted his sister about the defendant, Karen Read: “Hopefully she kills herself.”

See, if she were dead, that would make life a lot easier for the people Proctor didn’t know, except to get drunk with, solicit bribes from, and use as babysitters.

All this is perfectly okay with Meatball. The governor is disgusted, the acting colonel of the State Police is outraged, but Meatball has no problems with it.

When Perjury texted that he was checking out her cell phone but “so far no nudes,” his superior in the State Police, Sgt. Yuriy Bukhenik, texted back a “like.” It’s Norfolk County – no health nights here.

Proctor called the defendant the c-word and the r-word. He said she said a “leaky balloon-knot.” He said she had “no ass” and a “weird Fall River accent.”

To repeat, Meatball Michael Morrissey said last August that Perjury Proctor “had no reason to step out of the investigation.”

So I guess it’s okay to demean a female with all of Proctor’s favorite vile slurs.

If you work in the Norfolk County district attorney’s office, you can get drunk with a local cop whose family is in the middle of the investigation and then drive around drunk with him. It’s no problem whatsoever.

Solicit a bribe? So what?

The district attorney backs you to the hilt.

By the way, Meatball Morrissey is a Democrat delegate to the party’s national convention in Chicago in a couple of months. Is this the face that the state party wants to show the nation– and I’m not talking about Meatball’s five chins and that red roadmap of busted capillaries on his nose.

Hos long do you think before Michael Morrissey decides that maybe he has some pressing family matters that will prevent him from going to Chicago for all the open bars and free buffets?

The testimony stands for itself.

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