Cult of the Mask ripped away, hallelujah!

At least in public transportation, the mask madness appears to be ending, and boy are the Democrats mad.

At least in public transportation, the mask madness appears to be ending, and boy are the Democrats mad.

It’s been a long time since Democrats have been this angry — maybe since Lincoln freed their slaves, or perhaps since they had to close the internment camps where their hero FDR had put all the Japanese Americans during World War II.

Why do Democrats love masks so much? Always have, since they founded the Ku Klux Klan, all the way to the present, with Sen. Robert Byrd and even more recently Gov. Ralph Northam.

In her decision, the “Trump judge” mentioned how under the Democrats’ police-state lockdowns some separate-but-equal classes of Americans have been “forcibly removed from their airplane seats, denied boarding at the bus stop, and turned away at the train station door.”

Sounds like the Jim Crow South — another all-Democrat production. In the blue states they’ve sometimes used cops to drag unmasked or unvaxxed citizens out of public venues — five-on-one is Democrat fun.

The judge forgot to mention standing in the school house door. There’s been a lot of that going on too. The teachers’ unions were all in on those school shutdowns. And it wasn’t just Ole Miss or Central High School in Little Rock the Democrats were padlocking this time.

But beyond nostalgia for their glory days, there’s another reason Democrats are so fond of masks. They come in handy during their “mostly peaceful” arson-and-looting sprees.

Even with the best surveillance cameras, if the social-justice warriors are wearing standard Democrat garb, they’re a lot harder to ID as they throw bricks through the plate-glass windows or shoot at the cops on Tremont Street because … reparations.

Still, the vast majority of Americans, even many Democrats, are ecstatic about the end of the Panic. If it’s such a serious “public health” issue, why didn’t Dementia Joe Biden immediately announce that he was appealing the decision by the Trump judge in Florida?

The answer is clear: in life, sometimes when somebody orders you not to do something, you may complain but in fact you’re relieved that you’re off the hook for some stupid behavior you’d committed to. It could be your dad taking away the car keys before the post-prom all-night beer blast, or it could be … all masks all the time.

But there clearly is a Cult of the Mask. What The Pilot used to be for Catholics in Boston, the Globe is for the Faucists in our midst.

In fact, as soon as the Trump judge made her decision Monday, I immediately went to the Globe’s message boards to revel in the instant hysteria. The moonbats couldn’t have been any more agitated if dark clouds had suddenly appeared in a clear sky spelling out 6-6-6.

Among the Globe’s wrinkly, trust-funded readership, the reaction was every bit the comic gold I had anticipated. I read many of the panicked messages aloud on my radio show.

Sadly, when I returned to the Globe message boards in the morning looking for another laff-riot, they had been shut down. The goatee-stroking hipsters in Brookline had been too much even for their fellow travelers in the local Ministry of Truth.

But don’t worry, I can boil down all the Globe messages for you, just from memory. It’s all about virtue-signaling:

“I’ve had two vaccines, and two boosters, and have already booked my fifth, sixth and seventh shots. Whenever I step outside my mansion in Lincoln, which I haven’t done since February 2020, I wear 17 masks, all N95’s, but now I am terrified that I will be infected by a MAGA supporter in the tourist section of my next flight to Martha’s Vineyard. P.S. When will Trump be tried as a war criminal?”

The low-info Biden voters seem to be under the impression that their sacred masks will now be ripped from their faces by vigilante mobs led by Trump, Tucker Carlson and Gov. Ron DeSantis.

But of course, wearing a mask is ultimately not what the fun is all about for devout Democrats. The real joy comes from ordering other people to wear them.

As H.L. Mencken wrote, “Whenever A annoys or injures B on the pretense of saving or improving X, A is a scoundrel.”

Boy, have we had a lot of scoundrels in this country over the past two years. I’m talking to you, Charlie Parker.

It didn’t even matter to any of the true believers if the Panic gospel totally flipped from week to week or day to day — remember when Fauci first said mask-wearing was foolish, and then claimed it was dangerous not to be wearing one, and then two masks? Or when Biden-Harris said they wouldn’t take the shots, before they said it was unpatriotic not to take them?

None of it mattered, as long as you submitted, complied, did what you were told, as preposterous as the day’s latest orders might be. The important thing for Believers is to … believe.

The next big thing?

Biden will soon be claiming that he ended the mask mandate. Count on it.

That Trump judge better enjoy her 15 minutes of fame, because soon Brandon will be taking a bow. Claiming credit for something you not only didn’t do, but tried to prevent — that’s almost as big a Democrat thing as wearing a mask to the next mostly peaceful riot.

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