They Call It “Climate Resilience,” We Call It Wasting Tax Dollars

We are never getting another refund check from the Commonwealth.

As you know, the Massachusetts House recently voted to change the 62F law of 1986 from a refund based on the amount you paid in taxes to a government hand-out that is “equitable” for everyone – even those on welfare who don’t have jobs as well as illegal aliens who shouldn’t even be here in the first place. 

Now Gov. Maura Healey is piling on.  No, the House’s changes have not made it to her desk for signature. She has another plan to kill any chance of any future refunds.

It is called wasting tax dollars.

The Healey administration is launching their “flagship climate resilience program.” The plan is to have municipalities “upgrade their climate resilience plans through an equity lens.”

Got that? An “equity lens.”

 They are starting with 30 “environmental justice” communities and plan to expand. What’s the initial price tag? Ten million, or 25 million, or 50 million?  $25 million? No, it is $100 million! But that’s just the down payment! Healey said “there’s a ton more money.”

So how do you end any chance for taxpayers to get a break? You spend every last dime on bogus climate change initiatives – also known as handouts to unemployable Democrats in protected classes. I think we can safely say that spending this money in Brockton, Lowell and Lawrence is not going to save the world in eight years. 

Participating communities will receive funds to hire experts in “climate resiliency.” Is that anything like a long-term weatherman? Would failing earth science be a qualification?

You and I know that this means that they are going to hire environmental activists who in between their endless conferences and three-day paid weekends will be harassing tax-paying businesses and homeowners?

Do you suppose the experts will demand home inspections to see if we are using a gas stove or what temperatures our thermostats are set at? Of course, as government employees they will start earning towards a pension, but if they truly believe the world is going to end in less than a decade then there should be no pension benefits.

Don’t you agree?

According to the State House News Service story, “Municipalities are to use the funds to identify climate hazards, develop new strategies to improve resilience, and begin implementing the plans to adapt to climate change.”

What a lot of fake science hogwash!

The Biden administration wants to outlaw gas stoves, washer machines and our cars, so would that be a “climate hazard” to identify? 

There is no technology in the world that can stop a hurricane or a tornado so how are these local “climate resiliency” experts going to develop new strategies to stop so-called climate change? They cannot.

If Healey or any of her environmental experts had studied earth science — instead of going to law school — they would know that our climate and our planet are constantly changing. The changes, such as they are, are not man-made. They are just wasting tax dollars to hire new Democrat bureaucrats to impose bad government policies to control us and make our lives worse.

We’d all be much better off if the hacks would make a more sensible, sustainable investment – in Honest Howie’s Carbon Credits.

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