Happy Mugshot Day, Democrats! Church of Trump Derangement Syndrome Miracles Have Begun

Tuesday will be the holiest of the high holy days in the Church of Trump Derangement Syndrome.

Finally, the Prophecy foretold for so long by so many Democrat disciples has come to pass – Donald J. Trump dragged into court, fingerprinted, mug-shot and maybe even handcuffed.

Can somebody shout amen!

Every religion looks forward to some sort of end times. What the Rapture is to certain Christians, or the 12th Imam is to Shiite Muslims, the indictment of Trump has been to unhinged Democrats.


The Democrats operate their own propaganda outlet to preach the gospel to the faithful 24/7. But after so many false prophecies, the congregations of MSNBC, CNN, PBS et al. have been drifting away, backsliding.

But once Fake News posts the Countdown Clock to Arraignment down there at the bottom of their screens – if they haven’t already done so – their ratings will be vaulting back above of not only HGTV, but maybe even the Cartoon Network.

Come Tuesday, the NYPD will part the Democrat mobs in front of the courthouse, just as Moses parted the Red Sea. And there will be miracles, count on it.

When POTUS’ mugshot is released, a million avatars of the blue-and-gold Ukrainian flag on social media will disappear instantaneously, to be replaced by Trump’s scowling head-on and profile shots with the 4-4-23 date underneath.

It’s not even 2:15 p.m. EDT on Tuesday, yet miracles are already occurring. Remember the “manifesto” of the transgender fiend who murdered six Christians in Nashville last week?

The Republicans wanted her hate-filled screed released, but once the news broke in New York Thursday, all stories about both the anti-Christian hate crime and the manifesto vanished.

Ditto the breaking news about the millions in Red Chinese payoffs to the Biden family. Not to mention another inconvenient truth, that the National Archives admitted that 1170 pages of classified documents had been confiscated from Biden’s phony-baloney office above the steak house in Washington.

Poof! Gone! All the bad news about Biden and the Democrats, up in smoke.

Is there anything a Trump indictment can’t do?

The Democrat flock rejoiceth today. For them, Easter hath come one week early.

The congregation has endured so many false prophets since 2015, leading them astray with one political golden calf and graven image after another.

Faithless electors, the Logan Act, the 25th Amendment, Jill Stein’s recounts, Russia Russia Russia and that list doesn’t even get us to mid-2017….

The walls weren’t closing in. The end was not near.

The Democrat flock tried buy their way into heaven with Dr. Fauci votive candles and hand-knit Robert Mueller mittens. From Amazon, month after month they dutifully ordered dreary tomes they never even cracked open – by Andrew Cuomo, Mary Trump, Michael Wolff, Omarosa, James Comey. They were conned out of millions by the grifters of the Lincoln Project.

Get thee behind me, Deplorables!

With their tithes, Democrats tried to ward off the endless incantations of MAGA! by their plumbers, electricians and other assorted blue-collar tradesmen carrying the Mark of the Beast – calluses on their hands.

You know who these pampered Trump-haters are. By their COVID masks ye shall know them. As one of my listeners texted me, “My ex-wife has TDS.”

I told him, everybody’s ex-wife has TDS.

Yet somehow, through one inquisition after another, Trump nevertheless persisted. But now, finally, Orange Man Bad will be cast into perdition, to endure hellfire and brimstone for all eternity.

As they gaze out the front windows of their mansions in the gated communities, past the fraying “Hate Has No Home Here” signs in their front yards, all the seething, rage-filled Democrats nod sagely and consider the fulfilled prophecy.

The end is near!

Yet it’s hard for those of us who remain unsaved to understand what their end game is. Do they seek to make a martyr of Trump, so that he can win the GOP presidential nomination with ease, after which he will be easy pickings for Brandon next year?

Or do they want to knock Trump out of the race, once and for all, because they fear that if he’s nominated he might yet pull off another upset like 2016?

The problem with trying to engineer a frame-up as raw as the Democrats are attempting is that you can never be sure how it will ultimately play out. It’s easy to throw the first punch, not so easy to stop the ensuing brawl, at least on your own terms.

So Trump is to be brought down on charges that he used $130,000 in private funds to… what exactly?… pay hush money to Stormy Daniels, and this somehow benefitted his campaign and he should have reported it, to somebody? Is that all there is?

Yet Hillary Clinton, in 2016, through her own campaign and the DNC, funneled a million bucks to a dodgy law firm, which hired a shadier oppo-research firm, which then paid off a yet more sinister foreign national.

With the assistance of a Russian illegal alien and a UMass layabout who’d been arrested for DUI, Hillary’s hired hands then concocted a totally fraudulent document called the Steele dossier and passed it off to crooked Democrat cops known as the FBI.

Hillary’s G-men used that document to turn American politics upside down for three years and almost destroy Trump’s presidency, all over nothing.

Was Hillary indicted, tried, put behind bars for her crimes? No, she was fined… $8000. If it weren’t for double standards, the Democrats would have no standards at all.

As I await the Democrats’ Rapture, I try to look for silver linings in the dark clouds.

The Brandon administration has been planning to rename the Army base in Fayetteville NC Fort Liberty. But apparently now that won’t be necessary.

The Democrats will have no problem continuing to call it Fort Bragg. Only now it will no longer commemorate Gen. Braxton Bragg, CSA. Fort Bragg will now be named after Alvin Bragg, the tubby tinpot tyro, George Soros’ pet parrot. Think of him as this month’s Michael Avenatti.

Happy Mugshot Day, Democrats. But be careful what you wish for.

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