Both local and state cops protecting trooper who OD’d

Here’s the Middleborough Police Dept. report about their response to the overdose in May 2021 of corrupt MA state trooper Matthew Kelley, 35, who’s since been fired:

The State Police used black sharpies to redact their report on the incident. The local cops (where he lives) used white-out on their report. Same effect — a cover up, more or less.

But we did learn from the local cops that it was not his wife, but a live-in gal pal who found him OD’ed. When cops arrived after the girlfriend, 33, called 911, they found her and the junkie trooper’s father present in the house. Kelley was in a coma in the bathroom upstairs after OD’ing on some “evidence.”

In another development, the Plymouth County DA says it did not file drug charges against the crooked cop because state law says you can’t find someone in possession of drugs that have already been ingested.

It also appears that he was saved by multiple shots of Narcan.

Earlier in the day, the gang unit trooper had made an arrest and grabbed 23 grams of a controlled substance from an alleged dealer.

It also appears from this report that the State Police arrived on the scene even before the Middleborough cops, in the early evening.

Wonder how all this would have played out if an honest cop hadn’t dropped a dime to the Herald.

I’m guessing Kelley would still be on the job, lugging dealers and leaving the contraband in his cruiser, as the MSP report indicates he did.

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