Biden’s ‘stupid son of a bitch’ moment speaks volumes

Every knock a boost, as they say, and now Dementia Joe Biden has proven it once again by calling Peter Doocy of Fox News a “stupid son of a bitch.”

Every knock a boost, as they say, and now Dementia Joe Biden has proven it once again by calling Peter Doocy of Fox News a “stupid son of a bitch.”

Give that man his own show!

For a year now, Doocy has essentially been the only real reporter among the Democrat operatives with press passes at the White House, although he now sometimes gets a little late-inning relief from Steve Nelson of the New York Post.

But Doocy remains the face of the Resistance, which is why President Brandon has in the past called Doocy a “one-horse pony,” whatever that is.

On Monday, Dementia Joe had a photo-op on what he not so long ago called the “transitory” problem of inflation. At the end, as the “reporters” were being herded out, the masked Doocy yelled out a question to POTUS about whether inflation would be a political liability in the midterms.

Joe stared straight ahead with what is sometimes called “the 1,000-yard stare,” often associated with PTSD or drunk drivers … or, more recently, Brandon. For once, though, Dementia Joe grasped that the one-horse pony was giving him the needle (albeit with a legitimate question).

“It’s a great asset,” sneered Biden. “More inflation. What a stupid son of a bitch!”

This from a dolt who says that his crack-smoking alcoholic stripper-chasing son Hunter is the smartest guy he knows.

This brief exchange was no big deal, I think we can all agree on that.

But what makes it so amusing is that all the common nightwalkers in the alt-left media who got the vapors whenever Trump even growled at somebody just shrugged when a Fox guy from a Catholic college (Villanova) was kicked down the stairs like he was Bob Gamere or something.

If it weren’t for double standards, the liberals would have no standards at all.

So here’s Brian “Humpty Dumpty” Stelter of CNN. The guy Donald Trump Jr. calls “a gender-neutral Potato Head” keeled over in 2018 when Trump called a Democrat courtier an “SOB.” Calling a Democrat an SOB, Stelter harrumphed, is nothing more than “threats and intimidation.”

On Monday, after the latest dust-up, Stelter retweeted a blue checkmark Karen saying Doocy being called an SOB “should really be a blip.” So a Democrat being called an SOB by a Republican is a hate crime. If it’s vice versa, Democrat on Republican, it’s speaking truth to power.

Have I got that straight?

But wait, there’s more. In May 2020 candidate Brandon tweeted, “In a Biden White House there will be no bullying of the media from the press room podium or by tweet.”

Then, last January, Dementia Joe lectured his staff: “If you are ever working with me and I hear you treat another colleague with disrespect, talk down to someone, I promise you I will fire you on the spot.”

Brandon, you’re fired.

Even more infuriating to the Democrats’ amen chorus, Doocy laughed the whole thing off. James Michael Curley used to say, “Never complain, never explain.” Doocy and the rest of Fox News got the memo.

Another memo that CNN, MSNBC et al. apparently weren’t sent is the one from the old Hollywood mogul:

“Self-pity is not good box office.”

Especially if being attacked is a resume enhancer. I still remember when President Nixon’s “enemies list” was released in 1973. George Frazier, a columnist first for the Herald and then the Globe, made the cut, and he bragged about it for the rest of his life. Frazier said if he hadn’t made the list, he would have been ashamed to go out in public.

Later, after I started calling Sen. Ted Kennedy “Fat Boy,” he responded by having a rider added to a Senate bill to force the then-owner of this paper, Rupert Murdoch, to sell both the Herald and the New York Post. It was worrisome, yet flattering, that Fat Boy cared that much about me.

Another bust-out Democrat candidate for president, Mike Dukakis, used to call me a “nut cake.” When he nominated one of my high-school classmates for a judgeship, the Duke asked him what had been done to me at Deerfield to make me such a sociopath.

After checking the dictionary to make sure I understood the definition of “sociopath,” I was very excited. I took it as a compliment.

Ditto when Whitey Bulger’s brother, the Senate president, called me “the savage.” Or when the mayor of Chelsea told me to my face that I was “a first-class phony.” Or when Boston mayor Kevin White said that the best thing about not running for re-election was that “Howie Carr isn’t chasing me around the city anymore.”

For me, those were all magic moments. But let’s face it, none of those hacks was ever the president, even a president as feeble as Brandon.

Good work, Doocy. Every knock a boost. See you in prime time.

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