Biden’s pandemic makes more miss Donald Trump

What if Donald Trump were still president and now this new “variant” was abroad in the land six months after he had announced “Mission: Accomplished” to the nation?

What if Donald Trump were still president and now this new “variant” was abroad in the land six months after he had announced “Mission: Accomplished” to the nation?

Whatever happened to the death count at the bottom of the screens on CNN and MSNBC? When are those dismal chyrons coming back, now that we’re allegedly about to be overwhelmed… again?

If Donald Trump were president now, the alt-left cable channels would be running an endless loop of that victory lap that Biden took last spring:

“Just remember how we’ve emerged from a dark winter into a hopeful spring and summer. But really remember just how dark that winter was.”

If Trump were still in the White House instead of Biden, the Democrats would be following that moment with his statement from Thursday, which totally contradicted his earlier blather:

“It’s here now and it’s spreading and it’s going to increase. For unvaccinated, we are looking at a winter of severe illness and death if you’re unvaccinated.”

What if Mike Pence were still vice president instead of Kamala Harris, and he had told the Los Angeles Times on Friday:

“We didn’t see omicron coming.”

Do you think if Pence had said that, instead of Harris, it would be getting the total media blackout that the admission by Willie Brown’s girlfriend’s is?

This week the nation passed the “grim milestone” of 800,000 COVID deaths. Last October, during a presidential debate, Biden spoke directly to the American people as he mentioned the official death toll:

“Two-hundred twenty thousand Americans dead,” Biden intoned. “Anyone who’s responsible for that many deaths should not remain President of the United States.”

Now, the count has more than tripled, and most of the deaths have been since what he called on Friday his “inaugaranation.” So by his own standards, Dementia Joe should now resign, or be removed, in shame and disgrace.

But the media says, as one, “Nothing to see here folks, move along.”

So far, there have been reportedly seven recorded deaths in the UK — and when MP’s demanded details about the first death, they got the same treatment Peter Doocy does every day at the White House.

I had Dr. Marty Makary of Johns Hopkins University on my radio show this week and he described omicron as “a pandemic of lunacy which is dominating the airwaves.”

In Florida and many other parts of the US, though, life is back to normal. The hysteria is being promoted, yet again, in the blue states.

And it’s easy to understand why — the Democrats and the media (but I repeat myself) would rather talk about anything other than Dementia Joe’s dismal performance this year.

Inflation, the ongoing invasion on the southern border, Afghanistan, the supply-chain crisis, a violent Democrat-inspired crime wave now spreading out of the cities into the chi-chi soccer-mom suburbs …

Bottom line, Dementia Joe has had a worse year running the U.S. than Urban Meyer did with the Jacksonville Jaguars.

Of course the Democrats prefer to promote the Panic, I mean, pandemic.

There’s only one problem. Now they’re in charge. Either it’s really bad, and by their own admission they had no clue what was coming. Or it’s just another wag-the-dog operation, to change the subject from their own massive failures.

I vote for the latter.

Problem is, you only get to yell fire (or wolf, as Nancy Pelosi says) in a crowded theater once. Chicken Little has a short shelf life.

The more Joe Biden goes on TV, the more he sounds like Lyndon Johnson, circa 1967. Instead of Vietnam, the quagmire is COVID. Ironically, both failed Democrats had as their chief advisers clowns whose names could be parodied.

In 1967 it was the general the hippies called William “Waste-more-land.” In 2021, it’s Dr. Anthony Fauci, who is described by the governor of Florida as being a “Faucist” spouting “Faucism.”

I asked Dr. Makary what it’s like to be up against the Faucist party’s total control of the media.

“It’s hard to compete with Dr. Fauci who’s on TV 10 hours a day. I can do maybe two interviews a day max. You can’t keep up with this stuff and be on TV 10 hours a day.”

But of course, Fauci’s job isn’t science, it’s being on TV, spreading Faucism and other nonsense.

The problem is, maybe they can terrify the feeble-minded again, but even the non-working classes are starting to figure it out. And historically, politicians who preside over disasters do not fare well with voters in the next election.

Ask Andrew Cuomo and Charlie Baker. They were both the toast of their respective towns, until they were just plain toast. The third governor with the highest death toll — Phil Murphy — was barely reelected in NJ.

Gov. Gretchen Whitmer is under water in Michigan, Gavin Newsom was almost recalled, Bill DeBlasio is a pariah …

And now the Democrats think their get-out-of-fail card is to start canceling pro sports again?

Did they ever hear of fantasy football? Or betting? There are certain groups even the most deluded Faucists shouldn’t be messing with, if they know what’s good for them.

On Thursday, President Johnson, I mean Biden, was promoting the number of “boosters” that have been injected. The V-word now is not Vietnamization, it’s vaccination.

“Vaccinated,” he began. “Fifty-seven, uh excuse me uh 570 excuse me I don’t want to read I’m not sure I got the right number. But the total number of boosters is what?

“Fifty-seven million,” Fauci yelled.

Mr. President, is the number of boosters 57 or 570 or 57 million? But you haven’t seen that videotape, have you? And you never will, not on state-run media anyway.

Again, the recurring question. What if Trump had ever had a Heinz 57 moment like that?

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