FBI: Beware the Latin Mass Attendees!

They’re going to snatch that missal out of your hands and rip that veil right off your head.

If you believed you were merely participating in the centuries-old tradition of your ancestors and the saints—perhaps dabbling in Gregorian chant or squeezing in a Luminous Mystery before the bell rings—think again. You’re actually participating in terrorism!

That’s right. The FBI is coming for Latin Mass goers. An internal memo from the FBI’s Richmond Division leaked the new term attached by our Department of Injustice to monks, nuns, and the family down the street with ten kids.

(After being busted by a whistleblower, the FBI now says they’ve “retracted” this latest outrageous BOLO. Yeah, just like the White House and the CIA say the US had nothing to do with the Nord Stream 2 pipeline’s destruction in the Baltic Sea.)

This time the uber-woke G-men are after “Radical Traditionalist Catholics,” or RTCs. How cute of the FBI to come up with an acronym and everything! According to a footnote in the document, these Papist malefactors might be identified if they are expressing disagreement with progressive globalist Pope Francis. Ooo, scary!

The RTC group, the G-men claim, might look attractive to “racially or ethnically motivated violent extremists.” These reprobates “frequently share language and symbolism,” the FBI says, such as a casual reference to the Crusades.

I mean, I’ve had my suspicions about Sally who uses a walker and can no longer go up for communion, but now it makes so much sense!


The FBI also claims these RTCs adhere to anti-Semitic and white supremacist ideology.

Newsflash: Catholics worship a Jew and literally call Him God. For Catholics, the most revered woman to ever exist is a Jew. The most important book for Catholics—the Bible, in case any low-info Feds are reading—is full of…wait for it…Jews. Written down by them, too.

Another newsflash: Catholicism is growing most rapidly in Africa and Asia, where inhabitants are…wait for it…not white. The word “catholic” literally means “universal,” because Jesus instructs His Church to go out and make disciples of all nations, not just the white ones.

But if violence and destruction is not on the schedule for Latin Mass-lovers, why is the FBI targeting those same Catholics?

By the way, J. Edgar Hoover also used to target Catholics—he liked to recruit them as his agents. He considered them generally trustworthy. Boy, have times changed at the J. Edgar Hoover Building on Pennsylvania Avenue!

Here’s why: the Latin Mass is effective in conversion. And contrary to popular belief, interest in and attendance at Traditional Latin Masses is increasing among young people.

Just last August, actor Shia LaBeouf made headlines after announcing his conversion to Catholicism. Preparing for the role of Padre Pio, the method actor spent a lot of time in a monastery. “The Latin Mass affects me deeply,” LaBeouf told Bishop Robert Barron in an interview, “because it feels like they’re not selling me a car.”

Moreover, the Catholic Church never saw bigger generational drops in Mass attendance—except maybe after the Bubonic Plague—than in the decades following Vatican II, when the decision was made to translate Mass out of Latin.

Right now, the largest denomination in the United States would consist of those identifying as “former Catholics.” And the government loves that.

Our leftist rulers thrilled in ordering us to stay home on Sundays during the endless COVID lockdowns. They relish the closure of a parochial school. They delight in watching a nun go to court. The late Sen. Robert F. Kennedy used to gripe that the New York Times’ favorite story was “Nuns Leaving Church in Large Numbers.”

Not much has changed there.

Latin Mass is a threat to them, but not in the way they’ve outlined in their little memo.

The weaponized three-letter agencies are indeed afraid of those who attend the Latin Mass, but not because they think you’ll to flip over cop cars or set up Autonomous Zones in Seattle. That’s antifa’s job!

They’re afraid you’ll find God—the real God who dictates morality and makes demands. And once you do, you cannot worship any other god, especially not the government.

They’re afraid you’ll find religion—a real religion with millennia-old unwavering principles. And once you do, you cannot succumb to the ever-changing demands of their religion.

You won’t need their ever-increasing welfare handouts. You won’t consider yourself a victim. You won’t need a community with its own flag and its own processions every June. And you won’t worry about constant climate crises because you’ll realize John Kerry hasn’t got the whole world in his hands.

Catholics, next time you’re at the parish picnic, watch out—that “new guy in town” might be a Fed!

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