Barbara Anderson could see lawmakers in your pockets years ago

Barbara Anderson has been dead these six long years, but now she’s done the taxpayers of Massachusetts one huge final favor – blowing up a multi-billion-dollar flim-flam by the hackerama on Beacon Hill.

Barbara Anderson has been dead these six long years, but now she’s done the taxpayers of Massachusetts one huge final favor – blowing up a multi-billion-dollar flim-flam by the hackerama on Beacon Hill.

Her 1986 referendum-created law could mean that as much as $3 billion in tax revenues above “allowable” levels will be returned to the working classes it was shamelessly stolen from.

From beyond the grave, Barbara has stopped one of the biggest heists in the heist-ridden history of Bay State government.

This obscure provision in the law – 62F, as it’s already known in hack shorthand — has thrown multiple monkey wrenches into countless scams, schemes and grifts of the professional non-working classes of Massachusetts.

Thank you, Barbara, and thanks also to your group, Citizens for Limited Taxation.

You must never forget just how greedy these Democrat hacks are. They have the same philosophy as the Mob:

What’s theirs is theirs and what’s yours is theirs.

This is why the hacks have absolutely no qualms about beggaring you with their insane tax increases and the inflation they create, but they squeal like stuck pigs if you dare ask for some of your own money back.

The Democrats tell you, with a straight face, that they can’t “afford” to give you back a dime from the dollar they stole.

Remember a few months back the calls for a temporary suspension of the 23-cent-a-gallon state gas tax after Brandon’s crushing fuel price hikes?

The Democrats claimed any gas-tax holiday would destroy the state’s bond rating – a total lie. So they pivoted to, well, you can’t trust the oil companies to keep their promises to reduce prices at the pump.

What gall – that argument was made by the same people who in 1989 passed a “temporary emergency” 18-month increase in the state income tax. After 11 years of refusing to repeal their so-called emergency tax, it was finally repealed by the voters in a landslide referendum in 2000.

Even after that, the income tax wasn’t finally reduced to its previous level until 2020 – 31 years and tens of billions of dollars after the 18-month “emergency.” It makes 15 days to flatten the curve in 2020 seem like a little white lie.

Consider all the nonsense you always hear from these con men and women about why they need more and more of your hard-earned money:

It’s for the children.

It’s for the crumbling infrastructure.

It’s for mass transit, job training, bicycle paths, sustainability advocates, pay raises for clam inspectors and drawbridge operators, not to mention herring runs, the endangered Plymouth red-bellied turtle, transgendered windmills and the Puberty-Blocker Industrial Complex, and don’t forget the 50 or 100 additional gender-fluid assistant associate senior deputy deans for Diversity, Equity and Inclusion at ZooMass, every last one of them making at least $200,000 a year….

Less than a week ago, all these climate and poverty pimps and assorted tax-fattened hyenas were drooling at the thought of the biggest treasure trove of handouts from Beacon Hill ever – EVER!

Even if the hacks eventually figure out a way not to return our money (because they can’t “afford” it), this has totally blown up the Deep State rationale for the 80 percent increase in the income tax that’s on the Massachusetts ballot in November.

How much do the payroll patriots really need to steal from working people, if they had $3 billion just laying there, not to mention the $1 billion they were grudgingly going to return to nobody you know. Plus, when 62F reared its ugly head after all these decades, everyone suddenly realized that the state’s rainy-day fund is now flush with almost $7 billion.

Seven billion dollars, just sitting there, in reserve, in case some non-binary antifa-type blows in from Minnesota and needs a job (as opposed to work). And that’s on top of the $3 billion from 62F and the $1 billion in “tax relief” from the legislature!

Eleven billion dollars in the hacks’ secret stash, and now for the next three months they’re going to be rattling the tin cup on the steps of the State House clamoring for an 80 percent increase in the state income tax rate.

Can someone say, insatiable greed?

By the way, that miserly $1 billion the State House wanted to give back to the working classes was described as “targeted” tax relief. Targeted, as we all know, means Democrats targeting people who work to make sure they get mere crumbs, to use Nancy Pelosi’s memorable phrase.

They target just like they “earmark” funds, and just like they “sunset” some taxes (like the tolls on the Mass Pike – remember how they were supposed to “sunset” back in 1988?)

And by the way, that billion-dollar targeted tax relief was supposed to be tucked into a larger “economic development” package, i.e., handouts to their cronies and campaign contributors.

C’mon down, Sen. Michael Rodrigues. You may recall him as the career layabout who once voted to impose a sales tax on top of the excise tax on alcohol. A few hours later, he was recorded on a taxpayer’s cell-phone camera in the parking lot of a New Hampshire state liquor store loading up the trunk of his hackmobile with the legislative license plates with cases of… tax-free booze.

Now Rodrigues is Senate chairman of Ways and Means, and he’s absolutely devastated by what a revoltin’ development this busted heist is turning out to be.

“You’re know we’re all disappointed because we all had projects and investments… for our human service workforce, for early education….”

And don’t forget that pilot program for the transgendered windmills!

Truly, it would take a heart of stone not to laugh at the tragedy that has befallen the hacks.

Thank you, Barbara Anderson.

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