“Anyway” Biden’s New Dodge

It’s bad, and it’s getting worse, but you probably knew that. Anyway….

Dementia Joe Biden has a new favorite word.


He uses it whenever all else fails, which in his administration is just about everything.

Mostly Biden falls back on “anyway” whenever he loses his train of thought, or forgets what he was about to say, or realizes that he’s telling another big fat lie.

Earlier this week, Biden was talking about, well, your guess is as good as mine. But here’s how it went. As always, all dialogue guaranteed verbatim:

“And you know, when you’ve bounced a few checks, like I did, you know when I was trying to get started it uh, anyway….”

It’s sad enough when he tries to read from the teleprompter. (We’ll get to that later.) But when Dementia Joe tries to adlib, watch out. Like last week at some awards ceremony for scientists.

“What was it like growing up and someone said, ‘Time for dinner!’ and you said what. Anyway.”

Usually when Brandon veers off-script, he just runs out of steam. He stares blankly ahead, sometimes his jaw drops. And that’s when he says… anyway.

Sometimes the official White House transcript cleans it up. But if you google “anyway” it turns up more than somewhat.

On Sept. 20: “This was an – anyway, I had no intention of running.”

On Aug. 21: “That’s why I like her. Anyway….”

On Oct. 11: “Anyway, would all members of Congress stand up?”

Which I suppose is better than trying to call them out, and getting their names wrong. Or even worse, inquiring if a recently-deceased House member is in the audience.

A little while later at that Oct. 11 event, he said, “Anyway, but all kidding aside.”

No joke. All kidding aside. His word as a Biden. Anyway….

Last month, he flew to Israel after the Hamas massacre. And so he tried to recount something that had been written for him way back when by Antony Blinken, the secretary of state who Biden has in the past referred to as “the foreign minister.”

Take it away, Brandon:

“And he said – he wrote a line that I think is appropriate. He said, ‘It’s not – we lead not just….’ Well, I won’t go into it. I’ll wait until later. I’m taking too much time.”

Maybe he should have just said, “Anyway….”

On Wednesday, he journeyed to Northfield, Minnesota to tout, well, something. It was probably the most disastrous trip anybody famous has made to Northfield since the Jesse James Gang tried to rob the First National Bank there back in 1877.

Anyway, as Biden stumbled through his prepared remarks, he surely could have used some more “anyways.”

“One billion dollars to fix aging critical rural infrastructure like electric water – like electricity and water.”


“Inflation’s coming down at the same time. It’s down from 60 percent! It’s down 60 percent since last summer.”

Inflation at 60 percent? What was it under Trump – 1.4 percent? Anyway….

“We’re making the most substantial investments since President Eisenhower’s rural American in uh since in rural America since Eisenhower’s highway plan.”


“And guess what? The South Korean company came along and they’re gonna invest 200 million dollars they’re over excuse me 20 billion dollars we’re gonna invest over 350 billion dollars….”

May we quote you on that, Mr. President? Anyway….

“When a farmer sells his commodities normally you have to go through the grocery store and farmers get about 18 cents for every federal dollar excuse me ev-ev-every dollar they have sometimes they get less than that some some somebody –“


“Meat-producing companies and the retail grocery chains consolidated leaving farmers with ranchers with few choices about where to sell their products.”


“We’re investing millions in building new bio-economy and with home-grown biofuels which will contribute nearly 3 billion dollars to Minnesota’s economy as it saves a as an important market for family farms being able to….”

At this point, the White House transcript reads “inaudible.” I would say “fade out” would be a more accurate description of Brandon’s brain freeze. Whatever you want to call it, “anyway” would have been a better way to end it, whatever “it” was.

But it got worse in Minnesota later in the day. He went to a fundraiser where he immediately mixed up Fritz Mondale, the late former vice president, and Fritz Hollings, the late segregationist senator from South Carolina.

Then a Jewish rabbi named Jessica who seems to have a beard in all his, er her photographs stood up and began heckling him. The rabbi demanded a “ceasefire” to spare the genocidal Nazi murderers in Gaza, which is a total non-starter for the Israelis. Bibi Netanyahu has said as much, rejecting all such demands.

So what did the president of the United States tell the rabbi named Jessica with a beard?

“I’m the guy that convinced Bibi to call for that ceasefire to let the prisoners out.”

What? You convinced him to do something he has publicly said he won’t do? And you’re calling the hostages “prisoners,” as if Hamas is an army, a military organization, rather than a savage band of bloodthirsty Muslim terrorists.

It’s bad, and it’s getting worse, but you probably knew that.


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