Accused Ashburnham trail spitter is a Democratic contributor. Surprised?

You know that crazy old fool who was arrested last week in Ashburnham and charged with hocking multiple loogies at two young women who offended him by not wearing masks in the great outdoors?

Turns out this fruitcake is very interested in politics. Would you care to guess if he’s a supporter of Joe Biden or Donald Trump?

You guessed it. Hale D. Powell of Westford, according to Federal Election Commission records, has contributed at least $1,657 to Dementia Joe.

He also gave $723.50 to the Democrat PAC, Act Blue. The accused spitter also expectorated $505 to Theresa Greenfield, the Democrat who unsuccessfully ran against Sen. Joni Ernst of Iowa.

Finally, he sent $305.14 to Win the ERA PAC, which was set up by Pete Buttigieg after he dropped out of the presidential race last spring.

In other words, at the age of 71, the Loogie Man gave almost $3,200 to the Masters of COVID Disaster, and then became a … mask vigilante.

Mask police are intolerable enough. Now we have mask vigilantes. No sidearms, though, just slimy globs of spit and phlegm. Take about cruel and unusual punishment.

If you haven’t seen the video of this senseless crime, you owe it to yourself to understand the reality.

This endless Panic has become a cult, and a certain percentage of those who’ve lost their minds (as shown by their political contributions) now care nothing about your civil rights, or the science, or their own health for that matter.

Call this video Attack of the Biden Zombie.

It happened a couple of weekends ago, as two young women are enjoying the nice view in an area on the Midstate Trail known as the Hudson Overlook. The women are taking a little break from their hike, checking out the scenic views of the Boston skyline while having some water.

Think opening scene in Night of the Living Dead. The only difference is it’s not a graveyard. Out of nowhere comes a zombie-like geezer, who looks like he’s on a weekend pass from the Pine Street Inn. The zombie rushes up to the women and starts yelling.

“Selfish! Irresponsible!”

Because, you know, he’s in charge of how you behave, because, well, just because. He’s a male Karen, and a call to one of Charlie Parker’s snitch lines probably wouldn’t have produced the required results — namely, shaming the women for their apostasy from the official new state cult.

The zombie starts to walk away, but then turns back around. This is all on video.

“OK!” he yells. “I have COVID.” Then he spits at them, twice. As he turns back around, awkwardly, his knit cap falls off his head. Think Grandpa Simpson. Or Joe Biden. This really enrages him, so he turns back around.

“I have COVID!” he yells in his old-timer voice. “I’ve been tested positive.”

One of the women asks, “Are you OK?”

“No!” he screams. “And you won’t be soon!” He spits again.

Once the Ashburnham PD posted the video, they were “inundated” with tips. Who hasn’t run into fools like this? One of them is the governor.

I couldn’t find Hale Powell Tuesday, which is unfortunate because I wanted to ask him why he gave all that cash to Biden.

Let me guess: He hates Trump because he’s such a rude guy who treats women so shabbily, right Gramps?

I also wanted to ask him about the bumper stickers on his Prius (because you know he’s a Prius guy). My guess: COEXIST, something Grandpa Loogie obviously doesn’t believe in.

And what kinds of signs does he have in his front yard? Maybe, Hate Has No Home Here. (Because it obviously does, in his home.)

Or does Powell have one of those multiple virtue-signaling signs, that include such bromides as “Kindness is Everything,” because for him it’s obviously not, and  “Women’s Rights are Human Rights,” ditto, and of course, “Water is Life.”

Your kind of water, Gramps, is not what anybody is referring to.

I would have also asked him, if you are so terrified, why were you roaming around outside? Another question: If masks work so well, why aren’t they working so well?

Final question: do you really think this geriatric snowflake would have spit at a couple of guys?

Powell must have eventually realized what he’d done, because the first thing he did was shave off his squirrelly beard. Now he was safe! No one would ever recognize him now!

Yeah right. The cops lugged him, and then he had his mugshot taken. Powell was arraigned in Winchendon District Court, which is currently in Gardner, and he pleaded not guilty to one count of assault and battery and one felony count of making a bomb/hijack threat.

A bomb? To wit, a loogie.

According to the Worcester County DA, Powell’s next court date is Jan. 26.

And to answer your obvious question, Gramps, no, Joe Biden cannot pardon you on a state rap.

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