Abortion a Fashion Accessory for Depraved Democrats

The Democratic Party “hearts” abortion.

My sorry excuse of a senator and the woman who used to embarrass me as my representative in the U.S. House made abortion a fashion accessory at Tuesday night’s State of the Union address.

Sen. Ed Markey and Pennsylvania Rep. Madeleine Dean strutted into Biden’s bumbling flub-fest sporting gold pins reading “ABORTION,” with a heart in place of the first “O.” The pins were gifts of none other than the world’s largest abortion provider Planned Parenthood.

The Democrat duo also made sure to bring guests to seal the deal with their magenta empresses. Sen. Markey brought Kate Dineen, who suffered an excruciating stillbirth following an out-of-state abortion less than two years ago.

In 2021, Dineen’s 33-week-old son suffered a stroke in-utero, and she and her husband “immediately” decided the child would be better off not being born. However, because Massachusetts law prohibits haphazard abortions after 24 weeks—when all parts of the baby have developed—Dineen traveled to Maryland where fetal lethal injection is permitted.

Within a few short months, Big Abortion Democrats latched onto her politically useful story and, instead of providing her time to heal, quickly gave Dineen a bigger name and a more lucrative career. Now, activism for abortion on-demand and for any reason is now her livelihood.

Dineen won honorable mention for The Globe’s Bostonian of the Year. (Other recent winners include indicted Monica Cannon Grant). That’s how Dineen scored the invite from Massachusetts Senator Ed Markey to this week’s SOTU.


Also donning the abortion fashion accessory was Rep. Dean. While she doesn’t get as much attention as the members of the Squad, her policies are just as—if not more—heinous and radical.

Dean was also among the 17 members of Congress arrested in front of the Supreme Court this past July for protesting the Dobbs v. Jackson decision. You know, the one where AOC faked being handcuffed. (Don’t worry—Dean only faced a $50 fine.)

Dean has voted against banning abortion because the baby has been diagnosed with Down Syndrome. She’s voted against banning abortion because the baby is not the parent’s preferred gender. (How’s that one been working out for China—can you say, “demographic winter?”) And she’s voted against banning taxpayer funding for abortion.


Dean’s guest was self-proclaimed abortion activist Kelsey Leigh. Having chosen abortion herself, Leigh now works for Planned Parenthood’s “National Storytellers Board,” where she mobilizes post-abortive women to join in the push for “de-stigmatized” and highly accessible pregnancy termination.

Leigh was also a key player in founding a Pittsburgh group of “abortion doulas”—which, for almost all of human history, would have been a clear oxymoron.

These women aren’t heroes; they’re victims of the lies pushed by the Party that invited them Tuesday night.

I wouldn’t trade places with them for all the money in the world.

Dineen and Leigh are mere virtue-signaling commodities and photo ops for the likes of Ed Markey and Madeleine Dean. They’ll help secure for Markey and Dean the official endorsement from Planned Parenthood Action Fund. They, and all likeminded women, are pawns used to bring in more campaign donations for “Pro-Choice” Democrats.

But if they really were “pro-choice,” wouldn’t Rep. Madeleine Dean and Sen. Ed Markey have worn equally large and boisterous lapel pins reading AD♡PTION? Or M♡THERHOOD?

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