Zip your lips, don’t blame Trump

Can we please not talk about President Donald Trump for a day or so?

President Trump didn’t shoot up the Tree of Life Synagogue in Pittsburgh yesterday. The alleged shooter hated Trump, thought he was a “globalist,” didn’t vote for him, never owned a MAGA hat. You could look it up.

Trump’s favorite daughter Ivanka converted to Judaism. Three of his grandchildren are Jewish. He handled his presidential duties well yesterday. But he was still getting blamed, by the people who are always ranting about getting in their faces, kicking ‘em when they’re down, no civility until the Democrats are back in power and so forth…..

This isn’t about the First Amendment, or the Second. This is about nuts, and criminals, and why nothing is ever done about lunatics anymore until something like this happens. Bowers’ social media postings are conspiratorial to the point of incoherence. Apparently QAnon, which makes Lyndon LaRouche’s delusions seem rational, wasn’t far enough into the weeds for him.

He was spewing out all kinds of vitriol on Twitter, and nobody paid any attention apparently. Megyn Kelly gets fired for saying the stupid thoughtless stuff that TV anchors are always yapping about, but nobody notices this guy until it’s too late?

Same thing in Broward County with this week’s fake Indian – Cesar Sayoc Jr. What exactly do you have to do to arrested in Fort Lauderdale these days?

Like the Parkland school shooter earlier this year, he was running around, a one-man crime wave, and nobody did anything. He didn’t even get stopped for driving around in a van so covered with stickers he couldn’t see out of the windows.

Forty years ago, even further back now, nuts like Bowers and Sayoc would get “liked” by the cops for one crime or another, lugged, and then locked up for 90 days’ observation, after which they’d most likely be institutionalized.

Now you have political candidates running around saying don’t lock anybody up for anything, and that cops… use their guns too often. Would you like a makeover on that nonsense, Mayor Andrew Gillum? What were the cops in Pittsburgh supposed to do yesterday? How many were supposed to get shot before they returned fire?

When I first heard about this terrible crime, my first thought was, please tell me this nut isn’t a Trump guy, please let there be no pictures of him wearing a MAGA hat. I’m not really proud of that sentiment, but I’m sure I’m not the one who felt that way, on both sidesx.

Bottom line: the killer, Bowers, hates Trump, but hey, never let the facts get in the way of a good story.

By 4 o’clock yesterday, the usual suspects were trying to find some way to blame the president. Okay, he handled his response very well yesterday, they grudgingly conceded, if they said anything about him at all, but what about the “alt-right,” the “radical right?” As if it was Republicans booing Israel, and God, at their convention, rather than the Democrats.

Can they shut up about Donald Trump for a little while – Joe Curtatone, this means you. Ditto Maxine Waters and Eric Holder and Hillary Clinton. Just shut up!

Who’s the biggest anti-Semite in American politics right now? Might it be Keith Ellison, vice chairman of the Democratic National Committee, pal of Louis Farrakhan, who calls Jews “termites?” But hey, let’s blame Donald Trump.

“Had they had an armed guard inside the temple,” the president said yesterday in Indiana, “they might have been able to stop this.”

In the winter he’s down in Palm Beach almost every weekend. There are several Jewish congregations on the island, including one on North County Road, less than a block from the Kennedys’ old church, St. Edward. Every Saturday morning, during services, there’s a big cop outside on the sidewalk – more of a SWAT type than a patrolman. He means business.

I see him every Saturday, and so, I’m sure, does the president. Sadly, a lot of synagogues have taken such steps. Now a lot more will. I’m wondering about St. Edward too.

In the meantime, let’s all shut up for a day or so.

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