Your sad, corrupt FBI, now and forever

When the inspector general’s report on the most corrupt law enforcement agency in human history came out Thursday, Cong. Trey Gowdy said, “This is not the FBI I know.”

Trey Gowdy is from South Carolina. I’m from Massachusetts. This is the FBI I know, only too well.

Incompetent, mendacious, greedy, horny and, above all, thoroughly corrupt – this is the FBI in War and Peace, as the old radio show had it, although now it’s more in pieces, and its only war is against the constitution and law-abiding Americans.

In an odd coincidence, just before the report was issued last week, an ancient serial killer named Stevie Flemmi was on the witness stand in federal court here. Flemmi worked as a rat for the Boston FBI for decades as he was murdering 50 people.

The crooked Democrats in the FBI loved him. The G-men didn’t care how many people Stevie murdered because he was bribing between five and seven agents in the Boston office. (The number kept fluctuating, the longer he was on the stand.)

At one point, Flemmi was asked a question about the FBI agents he’d been in monkey business with since 1965, and he got confused.

“Which FBI are you talking about?” he asked the lawyer. In other words, the mobster had been paying off multiple generations of agents, and he was having a hard time keeping all the bent G-men straight in his 84-year-old mind.

One of the feds on Flemmi’s pad was John “Vino” Morris, an alcoholic he gave $7000 to, including $1000 in cash so that Morris’ girlfriend, a secretary in the office, could join him for an adulterous tryst at an FBI training conference in Georgia.

Times have changed, though. Now the women the “special agents” are cheating on their wives with are actual lawyers, not secretaries. No wonder the G-men don’t even bother to check out solid tips on the Boston marathon bombers, or the Parkland shooter – they’re too busy chasing their gal pals around the water cooler up on the seventh floor of the J. Edgar Hoover building.

After his squalid well-paid career of identifying informants to be gunned down by the Mob here in Boston, Vino Morris was naturally promoted to director of the FBI training academy in Quantico VA. You can’t make this stuff up! Vino was training new agents in the mid-90’s, about the time a precocious young moral cipher named Peter Strzok showed up.

Did Vino Morris personally train Peter Strzok? It would certainly seem appropriate, given the utter moral depravity of the Famous But Incompetent FBI.

The difference between the earlier generation of crooked FBI agents and the present criminals operating out 968 Pennsylvania Avenue is that these new agents are pajama boys, trust funders. Andrew McCabe went to Duke. Strzok went to prep school, and then Georgetown. These are not tough guys, these are pencil pushers, paper shufflers, briefers.

Do you think any of these crooks with badges bragging to their slutty married girlfriends about framing Donald Trump and running what they bragged was the “Hillary cover up operation” have ever made a real pinch?

Back in the day here in Boston, corrupt agents like H. Paul Rico and Dennis Condon asked gangsters for throw downs for use in their own hits, and gleefully railroaded innocent men to prison for 35 years. Rico once set up a rubout for Flemmi, and afterwards complimented him, “Nice shooting.” They were street guys, like their fellow gangsters.

Before Rico was finally lugged (he died in a prison hospital in Oklahoma), he was called before Congress and asked how he felt now about framing innocent men to protect the hoodlums who were paying him off.

“What do you want,” he sneered at a Connecticut congressman, “tears?”

Compare that film-noir swagger to the sleazy limp-wristed Democrat G-man who was busted texting “Vive le resistence!” after Trump’s election. This hack had gone from the Hillary cover up to the Trump frame up to Robert Mueller’s hoax investigation.

This gutless punk was asked by the IG, were his intemperate texts an indication that he considered framing Trump his next very important priority in his sordid career as a Democrat dirty trickster?

This is the response of the bent “cop,” verbatim:

“That’s not what I was doing. I just, again, like that, that’s just like the entire, it’s just my political view in terms of, of my preference. It wasn’t something along the lines of, you know, we’re taking certain actions, in order to, you know, combat that or, or do something like that. Like that was not the intent of that.”

Do you think this tough-guy fed will… stand up? He’ll flip quicker than Kevin “Two” Weeks. And yet these FBI agents call Trump voters “retarded” and “POS’s.”

By the way, the mobster Stevie Flemmi was testifying against this week, Cadillac Frank Salemme, has his own long history with the FBI. Back in 1968, after Rico and his partner, another corrupt Democrat named Dennis Condon, framed the four innocent men for a gangland hit, Salemme confronted the two crooked feds to express his outrage.

Salemme was especially angry about the FBI’s railroading of a World War II hero named Louie Greco, who had moved to Florida weeks before the murder.

To which Dennis Condon, a future appointee of Democrat Gov. Mike Dukakis, replied with a chuckle:

“How does Louie Greco like going from Miami to Death Row? He wasn’t even there!”

Some things never change, and the FBI is one of them. There used to be another old radio show back in the late 1940’s, “This Is Your FBI.”

And it still is. Corrupt then, corrupt now, corrupt forever. This is your FBI.

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