You think “crumbs” was offensive? Check out DWS! [VIDEO]

WOW. Nancy Pelosi just got some competition in the “offending Deplorables everywhere” department. And brought to you by none other than the hackiest moonbat to ever resign from the DNC. (That is a tight race in itself, by the way.)

At first I thought the headline here was that Pelosi reiterated her insulting claim that $1,000 was merely “crumbs”.

But nope. Turns out Debbie chimed in with a little gem of her own.

Yes. You heard that right. Debbie Wasserman Schultz doesn’t think $1,000 can go very far for anyone.

I’ve got a rent check due in a few days that would BEG to disagree girl.

Yikes. These people aren’t even trying to act like they can relate to the common man nowadays.

Wonder how much wine I could get at Nancy’s vineyard with a grand…Maybe a bottle? A glass? Let me know Nance. I’ll bring some cheese for tasting if you provide the crumbs.

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