Wu’s woke NH write-in crusade

So now Wu goes to New Hampshire to campaign for Biden, who would have been turned away at the door of her Parkman House Kwanzaa soiree.

Will white people be allowed to attend Mayor Michelle Wu’s events in New Hampshire this weekend on behalf of Dementia Joe Biden?

This is a legitimate question.

I mean, Wu has a record of holding separate-but-equal, no-whites-need-apply public events, as recently as last month, when she became the Democrat party’s national face of the new Jim Crow, on steroids.

Overnight, the Democrats went from being the party of the Ku Klux Klan to the party of the Wu Klux Klan.

At the mayor’s events this weekend, how many drinking fountains will be set up? If any of Wu’s times are held in a theater, will those in the unprotected classes be forced to sit in the balcony?

Bottom line, Michelle Wu has proven herself a Democrat of the old school – the stand-in-the-schoolhouse-door school of Democrats. Somewhere, Joe Biden’s dear old pals like Robert Byrd and George Wallace are beaming with pride.

Most of the attention in New Hampshire is focused right now on the Republican side. But the Democrat campaign, such as it is, is a political microcosm of the comically inept chaos of Joe Biden’s America.

He’s not even on the ballot in New Hampshire. In a spasm of wokeness, the DNC decided to demote New Hampshire in the primary process because it was deemed “too white.”

Then Brandon’s care-givers suddenly realized that, holy bleep, there’s a guy on the ballot up there who’s actually a Congressman, Dean Phillips, and he’s got some money. (One state-run Democrat organ described him as a “gelato magnate.”)

New Hampshire has not been kind to earlier Democrat presidents. In 1968, LBJ got 48 percent to his Minnesota challenger’s 42 percent. He won, but not by enough. A few weeks later, LBJ dropped out.

In 1952, President Harry Truman lost his Democrat primary to Sen. Estes Kefauver. Truman was gone from the fight within days.

And both Truman and LBJ were on the ballot.

It’s very difficult to win as a write-in, at any level of politics, as Biden’s puppet-masters are discovering. On line, they are trying to explain how to do it to their no-info Democrat voters:

“Start at the bottom of the ballot, fill in the oval for ‘write in.’ Then write ‘Joe Biden’ on the line.”

For starters, how many Democrats even know what the word ‘oval’ means? And that’s the easy part of the whole process.

Once upon a time, most Democrats could write a name, at least their own. But that was before the Deep State began sending out the monthly welfare checks to their loyal supporters via direct deposit.

Now, the only experience many Democrats have with writing anything down on paper is when they try to rob a bank to get cash to buy more fentanyl.

This decision to keep Biden off the ballot was made by the DNC. Then they formally instructed the local NH Democrats not to promote the primary at all because it was “meaningless.”

Meaningless? Can someone say voter suppression? That’s what the state attorney general said when he sent the DNC a scalding “cease-and-desist” letter, telling those trust-funded insurrectionists (one of whom was named Roosevelt) to knock it off.

So now Brandon’s care-givers have lately dispatched nine cabinet secretaries into the state. After writing off New Hampshire, they’re scrambling to win it, or at least not lose it all that badly.

This is the m.o. of the Biden regime. They first killed US energy independence, then begged OPEC not to raise prices. After Biden was installed in 2021, he immediately shutting down the Houthi savages in Yemen from the designated-terrorist list that Trump had put them on.

Last week Biden decided to bomb the Houthis. They’ve been declared a terrorist group again. Is it possible that Trump was on to something?

There’s another problem with this primary next Tuesday.

On the GOP side, one of the candidates, Nikki Haley, is trying to convince unenrolled New Hampshire voters to take a Republican ballot to stop Trump. Indeed, in the latest polls, 48 percent of her supporters are voting against Trump, as opposed to 45 percent who are voting for her.

This puts the Grand Dragoness of the Wu Klux Klan in a tricky spot, does it not? Nikki is of Indian-American descent, and can thus claim to be a “woman of color.” You know, like Sen. Elizabeth Warren.

So now Wu goes to New Hampshire to campaign for Biden, who would have been turned away at the door of her Parkman House Kwanzaa soiree. She’s helping a senile, corrupt honky steal votes away from a woman who might describe herself as an “Elected of Color.”

By the way, what exactly does Wu have to talk about with anybody, even Democrats, in New Hampshire? A huge percentage of the Granite State electorate is made up of the type of Americans that the Wu Klux Klan has sneeringly dismissed as “1970’s Boston.”

You know, people who voted with their feet, to flee the chaos that Boston and all blue America have descended into. These are Americans who still teach their kids the ABC’s, not the EBT’s. No wonder Democrats despise them. They work for a living.

Of course Wu is not the only comrade from Massachusetts pushing Dementia Joe. Lt. Gov. Kim Driscoll put out this email last week:

“The Biden administration is delivering for us. Now it’s time to deliver for them.”

Hmmm, that sounds like a call for those mythical election-day buses to New Hampshire that Trump likes to fantasize about, full of Massachusetts deadbeats taking advantage of same-day registration.

Spoiler alert: there aren’t any such buses. But maybe now is the time for the Massachusetts Democrats to make Trump’s nightmare come true.

If Michelle Wu decides to drive one of the Biden buses up to New Hampshire from City Hall next Tuesday to steal the election, I only have one question.

Who’s going to sit in the back of the bus?

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