Worth the Watch: 9.1.23

Did you take a break from the internet this week? Here is a quick and easy way to catch up on everything you missed before heading into the Labor Day weekend.

  1. 7th Time’s the Charm?

The Five co-host Harold Ford, Jr. was roundly mocked online for his honesty during a segment on the return of Covid-19. But hey…at least HFJ can laugh at himself. Surely that’s something.

2. Biden’s Landfill Flub

Remember when New York Rep. Dan Goldman told reporters that Joe Biden called into Hunter’s business meetings to discuss the weather? I wonder if landfills came up during those phone calls.

3. Riley Gaines shows no mercy

All-American swimmer Riley Gaines has been outspoken in her fight against biological men competing against female athletes. Believe it or not, that is a controversial stance nowadays! Hence why Riley often finds herself at the receiving end of criticism and harassment from the tolerant Left. Fear not though, Gaines can handle the haters. Need proof? Check out her epic response to Keith Olbermann.

4. Portnoy’s Pizza Beef

Barstool Sports founder Dave Portnoy’s pizza reviews are always a hit with fans. However, his latest pizza review was on another level. When a Somerville pizza shop owner decided to spar with El Pres, well things got…heated.

5. BPD body-cam footage of Mass & Cass incident involving Boston City Councilor

News broke last weekend that Boston city councilor Tania Fernandes Anderson was robbed on Saturday night while doing a walk through of Mass & Cass. To see the body-cam footage, click below.

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