Worcester hacks are the worst

The hack du jour is Governor’s Councilor Jennie Caissie, who is about to get a small increase in her state pay – from $36,025 to $155,084.

Thank you, Lt. Gov. Karyn Polito!

Jen has just been nominated to become clerk-magistrate of the hack-infested Dudley District Court. The skids have been greased for months, but there was a slight delay after her husband, Burke Desautels, got a bad ice cube in April and was lugged for drunk driving – his second OUI.

He was arrested in Webster – one of six Worcester County burgs that fall under the jurisdiction of the Dudley District Court, where they know a lot about drunk driving, and I do mean a lot.

No one should ever drive drunk, obviously, but if you should ever find yourself in such a lamentable state, you could do worse than ending up in a town covered by the Dudley District Court.

Those towns are Dudley, Oxford (home of Jen and Burke), Charlton, Southbridge, Sturbridge and Webster.

According to the Webster PD report, on the evening of April 20, they received a report of a disturbance on North Main Street, an area with several apartment buildings. A black Mercedes, driven by Desautels, was doing 45 m.p.h. in a 20-m.p.h. zone when it slammed into a legally, unoccupied parked Dodge Caravan with such force that the van was pushed up off the street, up the sidewalk and onto the lawn.

“After officers arrived on scene, they had to restore order, as a large group of residents were gathering outside. Most of them were visibly agitated, a few were yelling at both the police and the Mercedes operator.”

The cop then attempted to converse with the spouse of the only Republican on the Governor’s Council:

“I observed that Desautels was walking stiffly, and unsteady on his feet. I noticed that he spoke in a low voice, and his speech was thick-tongued and slurred at times. As I was standing near him, I was able to detect a strong odor of alcoholic beverages on his breath, even outside in the open air. Desautels stated he only had two drinks. Desautels refused to participate in any field testing.”

Of course he wasn’t going to take part in the Sidewalk Olympics. He “only” had two drinks. As for walking stiffly, how else would he be walking?

He was stiff.

The judge at Dudley District Court, who would have heard the case, is Tim Bibaud, another failed lawyer. You know that name Bibaud – his daughter Ali was arrested by the State Police for driving under (do you notice a recurring theme here?) with heroin in the car.

When she was pulled over and her contraband confiscated, she told the trooper, “Do you know how many guys I had to (bleep) to get that?”

In other words, the judge’s daughter copped to being both a junkie and a whore.

She used to be on the payroll of the Worcester County DA, like her dad, and like Jen Caissie, among many, many shady hacks all the way up to Karyn Polito’s former executive secretary of public safety and the bust-out former colonel of the State Police who tried to expunge Ali Bibaud’s confession from the incident report.

Bibaud’s case was transferred to Natick, where it was promptly broomed. Desautel’s case has been sent off to Palmer District Court, where it will be swept under the rug Oct. 4.

This is service with a smile by the dodgy district attorney of Worcester County, Joe Early Jr. If you want to hide something real good, just stick it in one of Joe Early’s law books. He assigned his first assistant, the son of yet another lifelong hack judge, to handle the Bibaud brooming.

Jen Caissie’s husband now rates similar kid-gloves treatment. She is, or was, a “special” assistant district attorney for Joe Early. How special, you ask?

Well, over the past decade, Caissie has made at least 16 cash contributions to her boss Early for a total of $1900. How special is that?

And of course, Caissie has given $450 to her BFF Polito.

They’re pals dating back to the GOP state conventions where Caissie has introduced her. She deserves early retirement, at least as much as Karyn’s best friend from law school, who after a nationwide search was just picked for the $155,084-a-year clerk’s job in Cambridge.

And don’t forget two of Polito’s son’s coaches in Shrewsbury youth sports, one of whom earlier this month got the $155,084 clerkship in Westboro and the other of whom was appointed a $184,694-a-year judge in Westboro last year.

And now it’s Jen Caissie’s turn. All those thousands of dollars she’s been giving to hacks and pols who might someday give her a clerkship or judgeship, dating all the way back to Mitt Romney in 2002, it’s about to pay off, and now she’ll… never work again.

Jennie Caissie, wife of a drunk driver, will be interred in the same deserted courthouse with the “First Justice,” or is it “First, Just  Us” whose daughter is an admitted junkie and prostitute – and they all used to have hack jobs in the Worcester County d.a.’s office.

Here’s my advice: If you ever get arrested for drunk driving, don’t ask for any special treatment. Just demand a change of venue to the Dudley District Court, where they treat drunk drivers like family, because they are.

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