Without Trump to blame, Democrats are doomed to fall apart

The party that includes what they’ve claimed to be President Hillary Clinton and Gov. Stacey Abrams is now demanding that President Trump concede this election.

After all, who better than the politicians that peddled the Russian Collusion hoax for four years to lecture us on unity?

Peaceful transitions of power are vital when the power is going back to the Democrats. When it’s “transitioning” from the Democrats to the Republicans … well, peaceful transitions take a back seat to FISA warrants.

Over the next few weeks, liberals will tell Trump and his supporters that we need to move on. They will call him a dictator for not conceding, and likely will compare him to Hitler and Stalin. This, of course, is nothing new.

But don’t let Stephen Colbert’s crocodile tears or Jake Tapper’s furrowed brow fool you. The left doesn’t want President Trump to go away. In fact, they need him to stick around — desperately.

Like a tick on a horse, the left is reliant on Trump’s existence — he is their lifeblood.

Ironically, the man they accuse of sowing division is the only person keeping the Democrats united.

It is easy to fathom why the party of peaceful protests is struggling to stay unified. Their ideas, from eliminating air travel to defunding the police, leave little room for sanity.

In 2020, it is much harder to be a moderate Democrat than it is to be a socialist one.

But despite the obvious issues within the party, the liberals always had one sliver of common ground — Donald J. Trump.

There’s an episode of “The Office” where the employees begin to bond over how much they dislike their boss, Michael Scott. As he watches the camaraderie from afar, Michael notes, “Sometimes what brings the kids together is hating the lunch lady.”

It’s true.

A common enemy, whether it is in business, sports or politics, often serves as a powerful unifier.

The bad actor can be used as a scapegoat for any and all problems.

Which is why House Speaker Nancy Pelosi and her disgruntled band of obstructionists have blamed Trump for — well, everything.

Racism, hurricanes, pandemics — they’re all Trump’s fault.

Barbara Streisand even once blamed Trump for her weight gain.

There is no problem too small or too petty— it can all be traced back to one man. For the media, this hatred has revitalized their industry. Whether they are dissecting his tweets or criticizing his dietary habits, their obsession with the 45th president runs rampant.

MSNBC analyst David Corn tweeted this week, “When Trump was elected, I decided I’d only wear black ties. It was a personal and private act of mourning. I didn’t say anything about it. And almost no one noticed over these past four years. Today …”

Corn attached a picture of a nonblack tie: His personal and private act of mourning was  finally over.

Can you say “hero”?

Journalists took an eight-year hiatus during the “scandal-free” Obama administration, but when DJT took over … boy, did they get their mojo back. They stopped being mere mortals and became fact-checking, democracy-saving dragon slayers.

Just ask them. After all, no one is more eager to applaud the press’s bravery than the press themselves.

But Trump didn’t just elevate journalists. He brought formerly boring politicians to new heights. Do you think Sen. Cory Booker would have become Spartacus without Trump?

Of course not.

Only the Orange Man Bad effect could elicit that dramatic transformation. OMB has turned senators into superstars and losers into legends. But what would happen if he went away?

If the last few days are any indicator, the Democrats should be worried about just that. Trump hasn’t even left the White House yet and the left is already crumbling.

Don’t take my word for it. Read the leaked quotes from a conference call between House Democrats.

U.S. Rep. Abigail Spanberger of Virginia reportedly tore into her colleagues for their radical stances, saying, “No one should say ‘defend the police’ ever again.” She warned them that as bad as the House elections were in 2020 — they’d be worse in 2022.

Her sane advice was not well received. Speaker Pelosi disagreed with Spanberger’s assessment and U.S. Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez took to Twitter to rebuke claims that progressiveness was the reason for her party’s poor performance.

It makes sense that the left would get so defensive. After all, no one likes to be blamed for failures.

Especially when it’s so much easier to blame Trump.

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