With Karyn Polito at the re-opening helm we’re … doomed

After listening to Lt. Gov. Karyn “Pay to Play” Polito incoherently try to explain her so-called advisory board to end the Panic of 2020, I will give you my conclusion in three words:

We are doomed.

Let’s go straight to the video from her briefing this week. All dialogue guaranteed verbatim.

“Good morning good afternoon to everyone uh let me just uh start by uh giving you a bit of an update about the work of the uh reopening advisory uh board. Uh since launching last week uh the board has met uh literally through back to back uh Zoom sessions.”

I hope everyone was wearing, not just a mask, but a burka, in order to avoid the transmission of coronavirus cooties.

Karyn explained the type of meetings they are — “really interesting.” Because they are “literally with each other, uh, listening.”

Here’s her description, and it’s really interesting. Really.

“We’ve become like a family really uh supporting each other, getting to know one another and it’s really uh, it’s a really incredible process but but it’s really uh, just amazing people, smart, talented engaged people that are helping us make these decisions.”


How smart are these people? Well, there’s one Mark Keroack. He gave a grand to Pay to Play on Jan. 31, after duking her another grand last Dec. 11. That’s smart business, really.

Then there’s Corey Thomas of something called Rapid7. He too has given two grand to Karyn, so his appointment was very … rapid.

“As the governor said we’ve had the uh opportunity to meet with uh the diversity of our economy uh in terms of from retail uh to restaurants from the CDCs, to real estate groups uh to the banking uh community and uh uh credit unions uh to our black and Latino commission uh sharing their thoughts and ideas with us.”

Have you ever checked out Pay to Play’s photos on social media? Talk about diversity.

Rep. Dave Nangle of Lowell — just indicted. State Trooper Leigha Genduso, like Polito a native of Shrewsbury — not indicted but under oath she has admitted to drug dealing, money laundering, income tax evasion and perjury before a federal grand jury.

Then the state police hired Leigha and gave her a gun. Another one of those nationwide searches Polito so loves.

Another guy who should be on the panel is Kent Pecoy, a high-end developer from Wilbraham. He had all the required qualifications — $500 to both Polito and her boss, Gov. Charlie “Tall Deval” Baker.

Yeah, Pecoy would have been a great addition — really! — but I forgot, he too was just indicted by the feds.

It seems this Friend of Karyn’s was taking hundreds of thousands in stolen public funds from an embezzling City of Springfield employee. Pecoy is charged with conspiracy — allegedly he was keeping two sets of books and making all bank deposits of the stolen cash in increments of less than $10,000, so as not to flag the attention of the IRS.

Wait, isn’t that exactly what Karyn’s pal Leigha Genduso was doing when she was depositing drug profits for her gangster boyfriend? Birds of a feather flock together, I guess.

“But there is a level of anxiety and uh a level of in –, er sense of urgency in in industry as employers are struggling uh to make uh their business operation uh you know continue to to operate in this environment so these are indeed challenging times uh for the business community of our Commonwealth.”

You know, until now I never quite understood just how dumb Polito is. She makes Muffy Healey look like Margaret Thatcher.

“Almost 24% of our work force unemployed and we uh understand uh the board understands the administration understands that the work we’re doing is really important.”


Polito and the rest of the payroll patriots are in no real rush to stop the panic. After all, only 77,000 more residents filed for unemployment this week. And not a single one of them was a state employee, so what’s the rush?

“It doesn’t mean that the economy across our Commonwealth will just reopen. It’s just not possible as everybody knows uh safety’s first.”

More importantly, many of the $150,000-a-year state workers who got their hack jobs through Polito haven’t finished getting their boats shaped up for the summer. So they need a few more weeks of paid vacation.

“It needs to really reflect uh what we view as the really appropriate and safe way uh to allow for more business uh opportunities.”

More $1,000 checks to the Polito Committee, in other words. When’s the report coming out?

“May 18th is the date that we uh said the report of this advisory board will be released.”

As I said, we are doomed. Really.

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