Why Trump’s wall needs to go up

President Trump says he’s inviting some “border-related” guests to his State of the Union address next Tuesday.

May I nominate one more amigo to attend the event – his name is Marcos Antonio Suazo Martinez.

Unless, of course, his name is Roberto Velez. Or maybe Harry Rodriguez-Ayala. Or perhaps it’s Luis Carazo.

You see where I’m going with this? This Dominican national, whatever his name is, is typical of the hordes of illegals who have invaded, and destabilized, the United States in recent years.

Call him Senor X. He was arrested last weekend by the State Police in Hudson for driving without a license, and he’s the full package. According to the MSP, he has had at least four phony drivers’ licenses, two welfare cards (MassHealth), not to mention a 2003 arrest in Lawrence for heroin/morphine trafficking (more than 28 grams) ….

He’s an undocumented Democrat, in other words.

Sure, he’s not as high-profile a Third World criminal as, say, the illegal El Salvadoran teenager now charged with murdering four Americans during burglaries in Nevada last month. This bum doesn’t seem to act as entitled as the arrogant Mexican illegal who recently killed a 22-year-old American in Knoxville while driving without a license in an unregistered vehicle.

But both those foreign killers are… unavailable. Senor X is still running around Massachusetts, doing God only knows what.

Let’s go straight to the arrest report by Trooper Ray Burton out of the Leominster barracks. Senor X was lugged last Saturday on 495 and brought to the barracks. The usual “impostor” questions were asked and according to the MSP report he “was very inconsistent with some of his answers about his family connections, (for) example he did not know his parents’ names or his wife’s last name before marriage. He changed his marital status several times.”

Damn! That’s what happens when the gringos keep asking the tough questions. Next, the policia de estad told him to write down his name, birth date and age. He said he was born Christmas Day 1965 and was… 51 years old.

“With the given date of birth the prisoner would be 53.”

Another trick question! Who designed this racist quiz for the xenophobic nativists, el presidente Trump?

During booking, Senor X was asked if he had any aliases and of course he replied no. But then the Staties found a check stub in his pocket for “Roberto Valez,” born 10/21/1969, with the same address as Senor X – 241 Humboldt Avenue in Dorchester. The license of “Valez” had been revoked for fraud.

“The photo displayed is identical to the prisoner.”

The cops also found the two MassHealth cards, one issued to Marcos Suazo and the other to Marco Suazo? How many American citizens do you know with two MassHealth cards?

Next, they ran Senor X’s fingerprints. Guess what – they came back as belonging to one Harry Rodriguez-Ayala of Lowell, born on both 8/28/1967 and 8/28/1962. “Rodriguez” is the one who was arrested for heroin trafficking in Lawrence, nothing about the case’s disposition. They found a mugshot for Rodriguez.

“The photo displayed was identical to the prisoner.”

The staties in Leominster made a few more inquiries and they found another yet gentleman by the name of Luis Carazo, DOB 2/22/1964, of Roslindale, license revoked for fraud.

“The photo of this revoked license was identical to the prisoner.”

All the licenses et al. were shown to Senor X and “the prisoner stated that all the photos and identifications were him and he remembered obtaining the licenses.”

(How about the two welfare cards?)

“He stated he did this through the Lowell RMV one time and the Boston RMV two times. He stated that if this is a problem he will just leave the country.”

To which I would have said, don’t let the wall let your lazy rear-end on the way back to the Third World hellhole where you belong, amigo. But that’s just me. He’d already be back in the DR, humming, “Everything free in America” and plotting his next trip back here to the Home of the Brave and the Land of the Free (Stuff).

By the way, the staties still don’t know Senor X’s real identity, although they “have located possible other names, dates and birth and Social Security numbers that have been stolen by the above prisoner.”

He is charged with, among other things, three-plus counts of operating with a revoked license, two counts of welfare fraud, forgery of an RMV document, failure to identify himself, etc.

Senor X made his $500 bail Saturday night, and was arraigned in Marlborough District Court Monday. According to the DA, he actually showed up – the only surprise in this entire column – and his next court date is April 8.

I think he’d be a perfect guest for the president to invite to the State of the Union address. Senor X is a one-illegal advertisement for the Wall – sadly for the nation, one of millions upon millions upon millions.

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