Who are these moonbats and Biden voters bankrolling Tsarnaev’s canteen account?

By now you know — not from the TV networks, of course — that bloodthirsty Muslim terrorist Dzhokar A. Tsarnaev got a nice $1,400 welfare check from his fellow Democrats last June.

By now you know — not from the TV networks, of course — that bloodthirsty Muslim terrorist Dzhokar A. Tsarnaev got a nice $1,400 welfare check from his fellow Democrats last June.

COVID relief, they call it. Delivered right to his cell on Death Row at the Supermax in Florence, Colo.

Nothing surprising about that, of course. The Joker, as he’s known, was born in a Third World hellhole and spent his entire life here on welfare after sneaking into the country with his grifting family claiming that they needed “asylum.”

Tsarnaev used those hundreds of thousands of dollars in handouts to buy the ingredients for the bombs that killed the U.S. taxpayers who’d supported him and the rest of his sticky-fingered, shiftless, flim-flamming family.  He was a drug dealer, his older brother murdered Jews for sport, he detested America …

He’s a good Democrat, in other words.

Of course they wanted to give him money – our money!

My only question is, who are these other moonbats and Biden voters who’ve been sending Tsarnaev money every month? Not the federal public defenders, those goateed, squirrelly, Birkenstock-clad attorneys who wired $11,230 over the years to his canteen account.

Of course his taxpayer-funded mouthpieces would want to help him. He’s a good “earner” for them, especially with those endless appeals of his well-deserved death sentence. Sometimes it’s on, sometimes it’s off. Thursday, according to the Bureau of Prisons website, he’s under “DEATH SENT.”

Some of these red-diaper doper lawyers will someday retire to posh gated communities on the Florida coast on all the money they’ve pocketed off “defending” their mass-murdering Muslim pal. Naturally they would want to do the right thing — to kick back.

No, what I’m wondering about are the individual patrons listed by the U.S. attorney’s office in Boston, in these final hours before Rachael Rollins arrives and … does whatever she’s going to do, after she cuts Shelley Joseph loose, I mean, which is job one.

Some star-struck soul in Indianapolis sent the Joker money for six years — from 2015 until last August, anywhere from $30 to $60, for a total of $2,555.

Then there was the groupie in Bloomfield, N.J., who made monthly deposits of $50 for more than two years, adding up to $1,450.

Another mouth-breather with a crush on the Joker in Frederick, Md., sent him $950, in increments between $50 to $200, from 2013 to 2018.

Another 32 knuckleheads have wired him a total of $3,486.60 over the years.

Who are these Biden voters? We all know that the alt-left media had a collective major crush on the “tousle-haired” youth, the “All-American boy,” as one geriatric female host for National Panhandler Radio described the Joker after recalling him from a la-de-da party in the People’s Republic of Cambridge.

But if you live in Indianapolis, you probably don’t write for either Rolling Stone magazine or the Boston Globe — the two leading Tsarnaev fanzines in the fake-news universe.

Why would anyone want to send cash to a monster, a foreign fiend who came to this country to leech off the native population before finally slaughtering them in cold blood?

Did these same self-loathing Americans also send him love letters at the Supermax? Did they put little pink Valentines around his BOP number — 95079-038? Did his smitten pen pals ask him to marry them? Were they female or … other?

Now, I understand the concept of sending money to jailbirds. I did it myself once, back in 2018, after Whitey Bulger was bludgeoned to death while in a federal lock-up in West Virginia.

I read who the prime suspect was — to this day he’s never been charged — and I wired him a C-note. But not because I was head over heels for the plug ugly. I did it because Whitey had wanted to kill me. When Whitey was in prison in Arizona, I heard on a podcast, he used to rave at another con that he not only wanted to murder me, he wanted to “eat my fingers.”

Which was why I wanted to send this person of interest a gratuity. Like you do with a bartender who pours heavy or who gives you every third or fourth drink on the house. It was a tip, for a job well done — if he did it, I mean.

But the idea of sending the Joker money every month is just beyond belief.

Just as unsurprising, according to the pre-Rollins feds in the Boston U.S. attorney’s office, is the fact that the Joker has been wiring the money back to his family members.

Of course he would! Remember how, in the sob stories about his hardscrabble youth in a Section 8 apartment in Cambridge, the trust-funders from the Globe would always mention how hard it had been for the Tsarnaevs to make ends meet.

Mainly because they were too busy running scams to work for a living.

I’m sure the Tsarnaevs still need the money. Biden has only increased food stamps 21%, the rent “moratorium” is over, ditto the extra child-welfare handouts and “unemployment” benefits. Even more tragically, student-debt payments will supposedly resume in May, maybe.

In other words, life remains tough for the Tsarnaevs and tens of millions of other freeloaders and deadbeats, some of whom were even born here.

For the record, the Joker currently owes $101,126,627 in restitution. That’s the bad news. The good news is, the way inflation is going in Dementia Joe Biden’s America, he’s probably only two or three more Democrat presidents away from being able to pay off his debt society out of his canteen fund, with money left over to send some money to the Taliban or al Qaeda.

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