White lies catch up to Elizabeth Warren

Where do I go to get my reputation back?

Do you know how many times I’ve been called a “racist” over the last six years for calling Elizabeth Warren exactly what she just called herself in Baltimore – “not a person of color.”

In other words, a fake Indian.

She finally admitted the obvious on a Friday afternoon, just before Christmas, in front of what she must have assumed would be a somewhat sympathetic audience at a black college.

Two months after offering what she claimed what was definitive proof of her Native American ancestry, she is now acknowledging that she’s a honky.

The fake Indian has finally been scalped… by reality.

Here’s the next step for the woman who was white before she was Cherokee before she was white: release your employment applications to the law schools at Harvard and Penn. Since you now admit you’re a white woman, it shouldn’t be a problem to prove once and for all that you never did “check the box” to grab a racial preference you weren’t entitled to.

Show us, fake Indian, that you did not speak with forked tongue many moons ago. If you no lie, we smoke peace pipe.

The takeaway here is, Elizabeth Warren still dreams of being elected president in 2020. She wouldn’t be humiliating herself like this if she didn’t want to be the Great White Father.

She’s been huddling with her fellow geriatric faker Bernie Sanders. She’s reportedly scouting locations in Boston for a campaign headquarters. Potomac fever is a tough disease to overcome, especially, for some reason, if you’re from Massachusetts.

Just ask Mitt Romney, or John Kerry.

I had a bit part in that video that she released in October in her final futile Ghost Dance-like attempt to claim Indian heritage. She included tape of me at a Trump rally in Bangor ME in 2016, doing the Indian war whoop live on national TV. The Democrats with press passes were calling me a racist before I even stepped off the stage.

Later, on the plane back to New York, I showed candidate Trump glanced the torrent of faux outrage against me on the Internet.

“Whatever you do, don’t apologize,” he told me with a smile, “Jimmy the Greek was doing great until he said he was sorry, and then it was all over. Remember?”

I understood. To quote James Michael Curley, “Never complain, never explain.” Especially when you’re right.

Rachel Maddow was shocked, shocked. Maria Stephanos – remember her? – called me on my cell phone. That night I made the Daily Mail. I even got an email from a Democrat hack I’d gone to college with, someone I’d been (successfully) trying to avoid my entire adult life, denouncing me as a disgrace to UNC.

For telling the truth.

Now that she’s officially pleaded guilty, think of all the people the fake Indian owes apologies to. Let’s start with the Native American academics whose tenured Ivy League professorships she stole with her phony-baloney box-checking back in the 1980’s.

Then there are her paternal grandparents – she’s claimed they were so racist that back in 1930’s Oklahoma, her parents had to elope because her mother was an Indian. What a crock – to save a few bucks during the Depression, her future parents drove over to the neighboring town on a Saturday afternoon and got hitched, then returned to their hometown for a big wedding party that evening.

Their wedding reception was featured on the front page of the next edition of the weekly paper – Breitbart found that story.

More apologies? How about to the Democrats she forced out of the 2012 Senate race, starting with Marisa DeFranco, the immigration lawyer, a real person with a real record, kicked to the curb for Harvard’s “first woman of color?”

Shortly after the fake Indian’s reelection last month, I ran into Marisa at a radio party in Medford and casually asked her who she’d voted for in the Senate fight a few days earlier.

She just chuckled.

How about ex-Sen. Scott Brown? He was excoriated as a racist for making the Tomahawk chop outside the Eire Pub one Saturday afternoon in the fall of 2012. Then there’s Pierre Franey, the 60-Minute Gourmet of the New York Times, whose recipe for cold crab omelet she lifted and put into Pow Wow Chow as one of her family’s favorite Native American dishes.

You know who really loved that cold crab omelet? The Duke and Duchess of Windsor and Noel Coward. Very distinguished Native American sachems from the 20th century. She put in the cookbook with the byline “Elizabeth Warren – Cherokee.”

Actually, according to her own DNA “test,” she may be as much as 1/1024th… something. Not even Native American, but perhaps Peruvian.

Think about that one. Remember George Zimmerman, the Florida guy who killed Trayvon Martin. Zimmerman’s mother was Peruvian, who makes him one-half Peruvian, not 1/1024th. Do you remember how everyone leftist parrot in the media described George Zimmerman?

Occasionally he was a “white Hispanic,” but mostly Zimmerman was a white man, i.e., a racist. But Elizabeth Warren, one/1024th Peruvian, maybe, was a “woman of color.” Until Friday anyway.

Now, like so many others, I await my apology from the fake Indian. I don’t expect a phone call, a letter, or even an email. A smoke signal will suffice.

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