What is the greatest political achievement of our time?

Deadbeat Democrat voters are being taught an important lesson here: as long as they elect the right candidates, they needn’t suffer consequences for their irresponsible behavior.

The Democrats pushed for decades for much easier access to student loans and under Obama finally achieved their goal – free money!

With any teenager able to “borrow” as much money as he wanted, in order to study ridiculous subjects, colleges knew they could charge whatever they pleased. The price of higher education skyrocketed, as the value of most degrees simultaneously plummeted.

And now, with the Biden administration slow-walking the so-called forgiveness of more than a trillion dollars in student debt, the Democrats’ achievement of yet another free ride for their unemployable constituents is still more impressive.

Deadbeat Democrat voters are being taught an important lesson here: as long as they elect the right candidates – Biden, AOC, Bernie, Elizabeth Warren et al. – they needn’t suffer consequences for their irresponsible behavior.

But the student-loan scam isn’t the greatest achievement of our political era.

The greatest moment happened back in the 80s, when President Ronald Reagan defeated the Soviet Union. Reagan instinctively understood that communism just doesn’t work. He knew that the Soviets were suffering through the same dismal economic paralysis that socialism always produces.

Even more significantly, Reagan knew that Evil Empires are provoked by weakness, not strength.

So, Reagan didn’t conciliate, he pushed.  He improved our military capacity in ways he knew the Soviets’ moribund economic system could not match. Their country fell behind, then fell apart. The Soviet Union ceased to exist.

The reaction in the West? The Left opposed Reagan in every way it could, inundating popular culture with early versions of CNN-style fake news about the nuclear war Reagan was purportedly risking. (Remember the tales about how a nuclear holocaust could be set off by 99 errant red balloons?)

Sen. Ted Kennedy even sent an envoy to Moscow in 1984 to offer to collaborate with the Communist slave-masters to deny Reagan a second term – a story confirmed in once-secret Kremlin documents that you will never, ever read about in The New York Times.

As the Soviet system buckled, then-Sen. John Kerry and company backed the idea of a nuclear freeze – a proposal that would have given our Cold War enemy some breathing room. (Does that guy ever get anything right?). He was assisted by a Massachusetts congressman named Nick Mavroules who would soon be in federal prison for running his office as a racketeering enterprise, with his son-in-law as bagman.

During the Democrats’ freeze frenzy, future Sen. Bernie Sanders honeymooned in Moscow – as his political soulmates swooned over the butchers of the Kremlin.

That the socialist who almost became the Democrat Presidential nominee in both 2016 and 2020 chose to spend his honeymoon in a police state would now seem way less groovy – and maybe even embarrassing – if the Left were ever held accountable for such grotesque behavior.

One wonders what octogenarian Sen. Sanders thinks when he sees his fawning acolytes in the alt-left media now clamoring for all-out war against his erstwhile comrades in what he still no doubt fondly recalls as the USSR.

Reagan would have had none of it.

When he demanded, “Mr. Gorbachev, tear down this wall,” Reagan was not trying to appease our enemy’s leadership. He was not concerned about provoking them; rather, Reagan was leading, standing for what we all knew was right.

The world is a dangerous place where not being brave can come at a terrible cost.   

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