We’re in the dark on shelter crimes, of course

Nothing to see here, amigos, move along.

In the bad old days, when the Archdiocese of Boston discovered that a priest was molesting kids, what would they do?

They would transfer the pederast cleric to a different parish, where he could continue molesting more young boys.

All these years later, the Commonwealth of Massachusetts has a bunch of illegal aliens on welfare getting into trouble, in some cases committing the same kinds of crimes as those old priests, and what is the state’s response?

Instead of moving the Third World fiends to a different parish, the Democrats shift them to a different flophouse.

What could possibly go wrong?

How bad is it in Massachusetts? How bad is it everywhere? So bad that even Dementia Joe Biden, who has waved 10 million Third World criminals into the country since 2021, yesterday held a dog-and-pony show on “SECURING OUR BORDERS.”

Too late, especially here in Massachusetts.

How is it possible that of the 22 foreign freeloaders thrown out of shelters for “inappropriate actions,” apparently only one has been arrested – the alleged Haitian rapist in Rockland.

Rockland is in Plymouth County. That happens to be the last county left in Massachusetts with a Republican district attorney, Tim Cruz.

I guess the lesson is, if you’re a foreign illegal alien criminal, you’re absolutely immune from prosecution from even the most heinous crimes in Massachusetts.

Except in Plymouth County.

This latest foreign-flophouse scandal goes back to Marlboro, where a 29-year-old Haitian was kicked out of the old Holiday Inn after a female juvenile obtained a restraining order against him.

Marlboro is in Middlesex County, where the district attorney is Marian Ryan. She’s running away from this Haitian case almost as fast as she’s trying to broom the brothel cases in Cambridge and Watertown, which involve deep-pocketed Democrat johns, as opposed to undocumented Democrat illegals on welfare.

The Haitian in Marlboro has apparently been shipped out to a different homeless shelter – in Worcester County. So he’s somebody else’s problem, for now. And naturally none of the Democrats on the public payrolls can say anything… ongoing investigations, juveniles, restraining orders, impounded… blah blah blah.

Nothing to see here, amigos, move along.

It’s the same in other communities as well. Taunton was one of the first cities ravaged by an importation of hundreds of non-English-speaking, unskilled, illegal aliens. The state took over the city’s only hotel and turned it into a flophouse for foreign freeloaders.

Kelly Dooner is a Taunton city councilor running for the open state Senate seat that has been held by Democrat Sen. Marc Pacheco. She lives in the neighborhood around the hotel.

“I’ve been here for more than 10 years,” she was telling me, “and until the hotel closed, I never heard sirens in the neighborhood. Now, I hear them at all hours.”

There’s a police car permanently stationed in the hotel parking lot. The state is paying for it. It’s the least the Democrats can do.

Dooner has been filing requests for public records on background checks, among other issues, from every state agency – from the governor to Housing and Livable Communties, Health and Human Services, Public Safety, A&F, etc.

Councilor Dooner is getting the same run-around that this newspaper has been getting in Middlesex. These documents about criminal illegals are more impossible to get than the ambulance records for Mayor Michelle Wu’s house in Roslindale.

At least the state has finally admitted that they are throwing illegals out of the flophouses for “inappropriate behavior.” Even if they won’t tell us what that behavior is, people have figured it out.

On Monday night, one of my texters said, “You mean to tell me these offenders are just getting shuttled into different shelters but not deported? Unbelievable!”

Sadly, it is believable.

Another texter: “So now rape is considered ‘inappropriate behavior,’ not a crime?”

Another said, “Aren’t all these people ‘mandated reporters’ of sex crimes against and abuse of minors?”

Apparently “mandated reporting” isn’t what it used to be, because… Democrats.

Word travels fast among Third World criminals. Massachusetts is outlaw country, at least if you’re illegal. The Maine Wire broke a story about an illegal alien out of Manchester NH who was charged with molesting a 13-year-old girl.

The illegal fled… to an illegal-alien flophouse in Chelmsford. That’s where the cops lugged him. He was hiding out, among his fellow thugs from the Third World.

An illegal alien from Colombia was arrested last month in Pittsfield. That savage had been convicted south of the border in 2016 for aggravated homicide.

They’re not all murderers or rapists. A lot of them are just welfare scammers. Last week, in Providence, a Dominican illegal pleaded guilty to stealing more than $213,000 in SNAP – food stamp – welfare. He did this in two short years, starting as soon as Joe Biden became president.


The headline on the feds’ Rhode Island story identified a “Providence Man” – that was how the illegal alien welfare fraudster from the Dominican Republic was described.

A Providence Man.

The US attorney in Boston this week put out a news release headlined “Dorchester Man Who Manufactured Kilos of Counterfeit Pills Sentenced to Six Years in Prison.”

The first sentence of the press statement about Dorchester Man began:

“BOSTON – A Dominican Republic man residing in Boston….”

In New York on Monday, two cops were shot by a 19-year-old illegal alien gangbanger from Venezuela who was living on welfare in a… foreign freeloader flophouse in Queens. Biden had granted him “amnesty.”

Stop me if you’ve heard this one before.

After the shootings, Mayor Eric Adams said, “This is what we’re up against every day.”

Mayor, you weren’t up against it when Donald Trump was president. Nobody was.

At least sometimes the feds still occasionally arrest a foreign criminal, even if they call them “Providence Man” or “Dorchester Man.”

At the state level, they don’t even bother rounding them up anymore, not even child rapists. Rape, as my listener said, is now “inappropriate behavior,” at least if you’re a member of a protected class.

Rape a kid? You don’t get arrested, you get moved to another parish… er, flophouse.

Cardinal Law and Father Geoghan could not be reached for comment.

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