Wellesley College Students Fight for Female Admission, Males Already Welcome

The most frequently asked question on Google regarding Hillary Clinton’s alma mater is, “Is Wellesley still an all-girls college?”

The answer? Sort of…

Or maybe a better answer is, Technically yes, but….

After reading this, you may be even more confused than you already were about Wellesley. But if you do read it, at least you will understand why you’re confused. And if it makes you feel any better, you’re not the only one who finds himself/herself/themselves thoroughly befuddled after contemplating Wellesley’s student body, er bodies.

The website clearly states the institution of higher education does not accept applications from “trans men.” As I understand the terminology can get confusing for those who adhere to biology, I believe that this means Wellesley College will not admit females who identify with manhood. Additionally, non-binary-identifying females are deterred from application.

However, the college will accept applications from “trans women.” Translation (pun intended): males who partake in women’s culture may apply.

It gets more confusing. The gender policy contradicts itself. While your female-identification must be “consistent,” Wellesley will also support you and allow you to graduate if your gender identification post-matriculation changes.

Thought we were finished? Two weeks ago, the student government unanimously passed a referendum demanding Wellesley accept applications from “trans men” and “non-binary-identifying” individuals.

Recall, the “trans men” and “non-binary” people in question are female. So, if these ladies skipped the section on the form where they get to express themselves in the wokest way possible and simply checked the “Female” box, there would be no issue.

Student government president Alexandra Brooks, who prefers (she/they) pronouns, provided a quote for Wellesley’s student newspaper:

“I will say, from my experience, there is a disconnect between the student body and the administration over what students want, particularly the board, because a lot of them are older and it’s not a very diverse board. [The Board] represents a Wellesley from 50 years ago, which is very much not the Wellesley of today.”

Radical gender ideology has melted the minds of these ladies to such an extent that they think this referendum promotes “inclusivity” in a fight against the bigoted trustees—so bigoted that they’re totally cool with admitting female-identifying men. The senate’s passage of the ballot question was turned to the students, and the vote was planned for March 14.

“We’re just asking the administration to put on paper what’s already true of the student body,” Brooks told The New York Times. “Trans men go to Wellesley, nonbinary people go to Wellesley, and they kind of always have.”

Wellesley College President Paula Johnson released an email on March 6 in reaction to the upcoming vote and an ongoing sit-in in the administration office.

The learned ladies were livid at Johnson’s response.

The conventional editorial board of Wellesley News put out a column stating they “disapprove of and entirely disagree” with Johnson’s email.

The “spicy” Wellesley Snooze paralleled Johnson to “TERF” (Trans-Exclusionary Radical Feminist) J. K. Rowling and suggested her messaging was akin to that of The Daily Wire’s Matt Walsh and Breitbart News.

What was so bad about the email? Johnson attempted to reaffirm the mission of the school, but her attempts weren’t woke enough.

“Wellesley was founded on the then-radical idea that educating women of all socioeconomic backgrounds leads to progress for everyone.” How times have quickly changed!

Here’s where Johnson lost me. “Wellesley is a women’s college that admits cis, trans, and nonbinary students—all who consistently identify as women.” In other words, Wellesley accepts men and women as long as they check the “Female” box on their SATs.

Then, she listed ways the college is becoming more physically woke: a new LGBTQ+ officer, website language alterations, all-gender bathroom renovations, and increased gender- and sexual orientation-affirming counseling.

Paula Johnson’s Twitter is scattered with praise for, among others, MA’s first openly gay governor, the social justice warrior-turned Mount Holyoke president, as well as Biden’s SCOTUS appointment who couldn’t define the word “woman.”


Something tells me Breitbart and Matt Walsh wouldn’t claim Johnson as a kindred spirit.

In an anonymous non-binding vote, students supported the proposed inclusion of trans men (biological women) at the all-women’s college.

So even if you thought Wellesley College was still a women’s college, those days are numbered. Students want it to be an all-gender college, and no, you bigot, there aren’t only two.

Hillary Rodham ’69 could not be reached for comment.

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