Welfare gone wild in Democrats’ latest plan for illegal immigrants

Dementia Joe Biden’s care-givers are all in on this latest multi-billion gift to the foreign non-working classes. Of course they are!

It would be the biggest Democrat handout yet to illegal immigrant criminals — a proposed $450,000 welfare check to all Third World grifters “separated” from their alleged families as they were invading the United States during the Trump administration.

Dementia Joe Biden’s care-givers are all in on this latest multi-billion gift to the foreign non-working classes. Of course they are!

The Wall Street Journal broke the story — the ACLU is suing on behalf of thousands of neck-tattooed indigents and assorted gang-bangers who’ve crossed the Rio Grande seeking asylum from … work.

The ACLU would do very, very well in these billion-dollar settlements. So, undoubtedly, in one form or another, would the criminal cartels who transported the “families” north to the Land of the Free Stuff.

You think welfare fraud in the so-called gateway cities is out of control now? Any foreign thug can buy a fraudulent Puerto Rican birth certificate just about anywhere for maybe a grand. That sets them up for the full Tsarnaev — cradle-to-grave welfare.

So how much would an illegal immigrant criminal pay to grab, in addition to his monthly welfare, a $450,000 payment from the stupid gringos, plus another almost half-million for each of his “children?”

Forget the lottery, this Biden scam is a guaranteed multi-million-dollar payout for undocumented Democrats. Tax-free too — because it’d be a civil judgment.

The price of an illegal-immigrant kid is about to go through the roof. Do you suppose any of these South of the Border scammers will start inventing offspring, the way they already do for the “Earned Income Tax Credits?”

Will the feds do any DNA tests to prove that the “children” actually belong to the “parents?”

Will they fingerprint the kids so they can’t be used over and over again by the cartels to grab more millions?

You know the answer. Not as long as Democrats are in control. That would be … racist, or something. Even suggesting it makes you, what’s the new phrase, a domestic terrorist.

According to the Journal, “the lawsuits allege some of the children suffered from a range of ailments, including heat exhaustion and malnutrition.”

Sounds like child abuse to me. And who put the youths in such a dire predicament, dragging them across dangerous deserts? Their alleged parents. American citizens go to prison for child abuse. Illegal immigrants will now become overnight millionaires for abusing their supposed offspring.

But enough about our future dystopia. Let’s check out what “Lawrence Man” is doing right now, as documented by the U.S. Department of Justice. Forget the endless arrests of Dominican drug kingpins, let’s just look at a month’s worth of welfare fraud in New England among our new Americans.

Let’s start with a Lawrence man known as “John Doe,” although “Juan Doe” would seem more appropriate. Juan Doe was sentenced to 40 months in prison a month ago for stealing a U.S. citizen’s identity to steal “approximately $25,801 in MassHealth benefits to which he was not entitled. Doe’s identity remains unknown.”

Because, you see, when he completes his sentence, the feds wouldn’t be able to deport him back to the Third World hellhole where he belongs. Juan Doe will be allowed to remain here — and will undoubtedly go back on welfare.

Next, meet Ramon Hiciano, age 64, “Roxbury man,” Dominican illegal immigrant. He got 15 months for stealing $58,093 in MassHealth (Medicaid) handouts, $20,780 in Section 8 housing welfare, and $5,736 in pandemic handouts of the sort Mr. Monica Cannon-Grant was allegedly grabbing while employed by the MBTA.

Come on down, Jeurin Celado, age 31, another Dominican. He was only running the drug stash houses in Rhode Island that Americans couldn’t be bothered running, to paraphrase George W. Bush.

Celado supplemented his fentanyl dealing by stealing $4,726.50 from the Rhode Island Medicaid dole “that as a non-United States citizen he was not entitled to.”

Buenos dias, Juan Baez, age 57, Dominican illegal immigrant who “previously resided” in Roslindale. He pocketed $18,997 in MassHealth benefits “he was not entitled to by using the victim’s identity.”

Next, here’s “Ronald Lara Pena, 35, a Dominican national previously residing in Lawrence,” because where else would he be residing?

Pena got 13 months for using a Puerto Rican’s stolen identity to “fraudulently receive over $12,600” in MassHealth benefits.

Do you begin to detect a pattern here? They all get welfare, but most had to make that initial capital outlay to buy the stolen Puerto Rican ID’s. How unfair is that, that an illegal immigrant should have to actually pay to get on welfare?

And let’s face it, as satisfying as it is to make the gringos support you in your indolence in Lawrence, it’s still fairly short money… at least compared to $450,000 up front, plus an additional half-mil each for however many muchachos you can invent?

Even after the ACLU and the cartels take their cuts, Lawrence Man is still looking at mucho dinero.

But wait, there’s more. The ACLU mouthpiece told the WSJ that in addition to “meaningful monetary compensation” for breaking every law in the books, Lawrence Man demands “a pathway to remain in the country.”

Which means more welfare, forever — and he won’t even have to buy fake Puerto Rican ID’s anymore to get on the dole. Everyone wins, unless you’re a law-abiding, taxpaying American, or a legal immigrant.

Muchas gracias, Joe Biden! Everything free in America.

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