Week in Woke: Racism is Infrastructure

1. Bugs are bigoted

Several weeks ago, we learned that the names of some birds are absolutely and unequivocally racist. You can now add insects to that group.

Yes, insects, and even lizards, have racist names. Yarrow’s Spiny Lizard, the slave-maker ant, and the gypsy moth are several species whose names may be changed, or, at the very least, come with a trigger warning.

Many insect, animal names are racist, scholars say — so it’s time for a change

2. Woke Coke

Sure, they’re destroying the cartilage in their noses, but cocaine connoisseurs are becoming more conscious of the effect of their drug habits on the environment.

Drug dealers in the UK are now marketing their supplies as “ethically-sourced.” The harvesting of cocaine contributes to deforestation in South America, and cartels keep adding to their body count, but the dealers claim their product has no tree-felling or bloodshed behind it. And you can trust drug dealers. They’re stand-up guys.

Drug dealers are peddling ethically sourced ‘woke coke’ now

3. Your driving on roads is racist

According to a report from NBC News says the number of black people that have died as a result of traffic accidents rose 23% in 2020 compared to 2019. University of Connecticut civil and environmental engineering professor Norman Garrick says that’s because “Black people tend to be overrepresented as walkers in this country.”

That’s right. America is racist because of an uptick in ACCIDENTAL traffic fatalities among the black population.

I really don’t know what to make of this one, but the article is below.

Traffic fatalities are now part of structural racism

4. The Woke Hair Color Guide

Several weeks ago, Howie wondered aloud if there was any rhyme or reason for the rainbow of neon hair colors often associated with the more woke among us.

It turns out, there may be significance to the outlandish hair colors the progressive libs burn into their scalps.

What Your Hair Color Says About You?

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