Week in Woke: George Floyd’s legacy now includes lingerie

BLM: Black Lingerie Matters?

1. Lack of trees in your community? RACISM!

In a never-ending list of what makes you a racist S.O.B., add having too many trees around you. That’s right, if you have a plethora of trees around your home and in your neighborhood, you are privileged.

This is according to a study by researchers from American Forests who highlighted a lack of trees in multiple Minneapolis neighborhoods that also have a higher poverty rate.

Researchers find ‘tree inequity’ for communities of color

2. ‘Karen,’ the movie, coming to a theater near you

It’s corny. It’s kitschy. It’s totally unnecessary. You know, just like anything else to come out of Hollywood these days.

This must-not-see movie of the year is brought to you by the folks at Black Entertainment Television and rides the coattails of the highly-overused (but still relevant) Karen trope.

A ‘Woke’ Movie Trailer Comes out and Competes for the Most Cringe Thing in Existence

3. BLM: Black Lingerie Matters?

It certainly shouldn’t have taken the death of a black man to get this ball rolling. Marks and Spencer announced they will offer a greater variety of skin-tone lingerie. Why? Because George Floyd was murdered. That’s why. Seriously, that’s what they cited as their source of inspiration here.

The Discourse Following George Floyd’s Death Inspired Marks and Spencer’s Latest Launch of Nude Colored Bras

4. As a rule of thumb, don’t go on a picnic. It’s lame.

Brandeis University in Waltham, MA has put out several lists of OPPRESSIVE words and phrases that are discouraged from being uttered on the campus. Among them are ‘picnic,’ ‘rule of thumb,’ ‘ lame,’ and ‘trigger warning.’

Brandeis’ Prevention, Advocacy & Resource Center (obviously not big fans of the Oxford comma) says the words and phrases are often exclusionary, racist in origin, or oppressive.

Read at your own risk. It’s a long list.

Now ‘trigger warning’ is banned by Brandeis University along with the ‘offensive’ phrases ‘picnic’, ‘rule of thumb’ and ‘take a shot at it’

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