We were robbed, and they’re getting away with it

Yesterday, not only was President Donald Trump robbed, but so were we, the American people.

Yesterday, not only was President Donald Trump robbed, but so were we, the American people.

The unconscionable violence at the U.S. Capitol stole our moment for exposing the voter fraud committed in the 2020 election. It would have exposed the falsehoods being given to low information voters, who have no clue of the truth that they were fed by the fake news, big tech, and the socialistic left.  We would have ended the silencing of the lamestream media and big tech.

Unfortunately, the story of the storming the Capitol is now the lead on the news instead of a stolen election.   It was essential for all future elections that the fraud be exposed and stopped.  The criminals behind it the election theft must be prosecuted.

 Just because CNN and Fox says there is no proof of election fraud doesn’t make it real.  There are mountains of evidence unlike the Russian hoax the Democrats and the media perpetuated against Trump.

For example, 1.8 million Pennsylvania voters requested absentee ballots.  2.5 million ballots were sent back!  That’s fraud.  That has been proven beyond a shadow of a doubt.  As a political consultant, I know exactly how I would cheat on mail in ballots in this volume.  It would be easy.  First, you copy the ballots and fill them in.  Second, you go to your voter database to look up who has a low propensity in voting and you put their name on the ballot.  Finding that list would take less than 60 seconds!  Already in Georgia, there is legislation to change absentee ballot provisions due to this very thing.  In the Peach State, the absentee ballots were used to steal the presidency and two U.S. Senate seats.

The division in our country will only get worse. 

We have rightfully lost our faith in our media that should hold both sides to the same standard.

We have lost faith in law and order when the likes of Hillary Clinton and James Comey are not held accountable.

We have lost faith in the First Amendment with big tech telling us what we can and cannot say.

Now we have lost faith in our elections.  People need to have trust that their voice is heard with their vote.  Fair and free elections are what keeps the peace and differentiates us from a third world country.

Our loss of faith is not Trump’s fault.  He exposed the problems.  He did not create them. 

Sadly, the violence also stole our upper hand of always protesting in the correct way, the message, and for the near future, it has tarnished our President.

But, I do have full faith that Biden’s tenure will make Americans want Trump back.

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