Warren ignores Bay Staters, pens book

Warren has just published her third book while being paid to represent her adopted state of Massachusetts in DC.

I have known this for years, but it still bothers me that Elizabeth Warren is grabbing $174,000 as a part-time U.S. senator.

Warren has just published her third book while being paid to represent her adopted state of Massachusetts in DC.  This comes after she spent a year on the campaign warpath for President, during which she only flew home to take pictures with Bailey the Wonder Dog.

Where’s the scrutiny on her time?  Like Sen. Ed Markey, the erstwhile Malden ice-cream truck driver, she has accomplished nothing for the Commonwealth. Nothing!

Has she met with New Bedford’s fishermen? No. Does she reach out to our first responders?  No.

But she does have time to write books that fatten her bank account.  For $16.99 plus tax you can now buy a copy of “Pinkie Promises,” all 32 pages of

As you might surmise from the title, it is a children’s book, which is easy for Warren, because she is all about fiction, fables and fairy tales.

Hope you haven’t eaten before reading this blurb from the fake Indian’s publisher:

“Polly knows she’s strong and capable. But whenever she offers to help her uncle or brother or neighbor, they tell her: ‘That’s not what girls do.’ Then one day, Polly goes to a rally to meet a woman who’s running for president, and they make a pinkie promise to remember all the things that girls do. Polly carries that promise with her at school, onto the soccer field, and even into an election for Class President! This inspiring story will encourage young readers to dream big.”

How self-serving is it?

Well, the book has a caricature of both her and Bailey on the cover, with a young girl. It’s being released just in time for Christmas.  I hope that it was printed overseas and is now stuck on a Biden cargo ship stuck in the Pacific just off Long Beach or Los Angeles.

In my spare time not paid by the federal government, I am going to write the sequel—“Broken Promises – a tale of Fauxcahontas”

In my version Polly will unfortunately learn how this woman running for President lied and cheated to get prestigious appointments.  Polly’s heart will be broken when she finds out how the Senator is not a Native-American and that she has lied for decades about everything from her grandparents’ alleged racism to the beer she drinks.

My book may have to run more than 32 pages.

In the end, Polly will be inspired by the fact that there are good people who do get ahead by working hard, and that the evil liar, who ran for President, lost, thus proving that the old axiom is still true: Cheaters Never Prosper.

My book will be classified by the Democrats as horror.

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