[VIDEO] You have to watch Manchin’s big moment from last night

Oh wow. Not to steal a line from Howie but, my heart feels like an alligator.

Where do I begin?

#1 Trump KILLED it in his SOTU last night.

Trump shined a light on people and groups that are all too often looked over. For example, he told the incredible story of a North Korean defector who has suffered more than most can probably wrap their heads around. It was powerful.

He honored the veterans, the police and Angel parents of people taken far too soon.

It was a moving speech that unlike his predecessor’s, focused less on the man behind the podium and more on the country.

#2 – The Dems refused to stand and it was comical.

Whether it was for slain Americans, black unemployment or tax cuts, the moon bats were steadfast in their determination to not respect anyone or any idea last night. It really showcased their lack of values and sanity.

And #3…Joe Manchin.

Hey listen y’all, I didn’t expect to be thanking Manchin either. But this clip of him almost standing and then chickening out because he realized Dems weren’t going to get off their butts…it is priceless.

Why lead when you can follow? Right Joe?

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