VIDEO: Sarah Sanders VS. Jim Acosta (AGAIN)

Jim Acosta is rapidly becoming my least favorite Democrat with a press pass. And in a market saturated with obnoxious moonbat reporting, that is impressive. I mean his competitors are Jake Tapper, Chris Cuomo, Don Lemon, Chuck Todd, Joe Scarborough, Low IQ Mika, Joy Behar…Do you get my point? He is taking a slight lead above the rest because of his interrupting skills whenever Sarah Sanders tries to answer his dumb and often leading questions.

Example–when he asks why Trump is defending Rob Porter. He tries to smugly insinuate it is because Trump has skeletons in his closet. The WH Press Secretary makes it abundantly clear that due process is something everyone, including the loonies in DC, should respect and appreciate.

Check out the smack-down here:

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