Vaccine mess shades of RMV, state police OT scam and more

Gov. Charlie Baker apparently didn’t read the memo: Self-pity is not good box office.

Gov. Charlie Baker apparently didn’t read the memo:

Self-pity is not good box office.

After a year of slobbering wet kisses from the lapdog Boston media, it finally dawns on the crack gumshoes all at once that the man Joe Biden calls Charlie Parker is an absolute catastrophe.

And his reaction was so predictable.

It’s the media’s fault!

“Social media,” he whined Tuesday night, “too many politicians and too many talking heads thrive on takedowns and judgments.”

This, from the same fraud who just spent four years pointing the finger at Trump for everything.

“It’s become the source of so much anger and hatred in this world that I often wish I could just shut it all off for a month and just see what happens.”

Does Charlie Parker understand how many of his subjects, er constituents, feel exactly the same way about his smug, sanctimonious daily doses of panic porn?

Tall Deval’s elaborately constructed façade of lies, damn lies and statistics has finally tumbled down around him in the midst of his latest COVID calamity — the “rolling roll-out,” as he termed it, of the state’s vaccination program.

Recall, for a year, how Baker’s administration breathlessly promoted this hysteria — every afternoon, new apocalyptic headlines: “7,850 new cases, 3 dead in MA.”

Most sentient people figured out the grift after about a month. Yes, the virus was deadly — to the very, very old and the very infirm. Period. But you can fool some of the people all of the time — low-info voters, to be specific.

In Massachusetts, these shut-ins and mitten-knitters still rely for their information on local TV news and the Boston Globe.

Most of these low-info voters are over the age of 80. They credulously believed every scare story they saw on state-run TV. But then something happened — their hero, Charlie Parker, pompously instructed them how to get the vaccines they needed to save their lives.

Suddenly, they started paying attention. They wanted those shots, bad.

Guess what they discovered? Charlie had bleeped the bed. Again. The elderly — the true believers in the Cult of the Mask — couldn’t get appointments for their vaccines. They couldn’t get on the website.

It was a total disaster. Even WGBH put the knock on him — and when a pablum-puking liberal loses Ch. 2, he’s lost Maskachusetts.

Charlie’s rolling roll-out rolled out about as efficiently as all the rest of his other state agencies — the Registry of Motor Vehicles, the MBTA, the State Police, Massport, etc.

As always, Baker was caught totally flat-footed. He, if no one, is perpetually gobsmacked by his own breathtaking incompetence.

Just the previous night, at the State of the State address, Charlie had, as usual, been bragging about things that just aren’t true:

“We have always been a national leader in health care … . The health care system in Massachusetts is the envy of the world.”

Really? According to national statistics, in the vaccination rollout, the envy of the world is coming in somewhere between 38th and 40th place among the 50 states — behind Mississippi.

In his annual address, Parker bragged that the Commonwealth is the nation’s “second largest per capita tester,” as if tests mean anything. Interestingly, he did not mention the Mass. nursing-home death total (first, per capita, among the 50 states) and overall death total (third among 50, behind only N.J. and N.Y.).

Harry S Truman had a famous sign on his desk: “The Buck Stops Here.” Charlie Parker’s motto is: “The Buck Doesn’t Stop Here.”

He did it again Tuesday night, in a stroll down memory lane: “Last February our economy was humming but COVID hammered it.”

No, Charlie, it was your utterly incompetent overreaction that destroyed the economy. The virus was a problem, but your bust-out stewardship of the state turned it into a full-blown disaster.

By the way, did you notice the state unemployment rate is back up to 7.4 percent this month? Probably not, it doesn’t fit in with the Charlie Parker Hero Governor theme on local news.

Here’s how pathetic Baker has become: He no longer admits how old he is. (He’s 64.)

Tuesday night, after the speech, he did a Zoom call the Republican state committee, 51 of whose 78 current members have figured out what a flim-flam man he is. (The other 27 are hacks on the state payroll.)

Charlie informed the GOP state committee that he had been eating pasta (not nearly as big a selection of restaurants to choose from as a year ago, obviously). He continued:

“And um I’m drinking grapefruit juice because um I’m sixty-something years old now and when you get to a certain age you try to you know pay attention to stuff like that.”

Self-pity is not good box office. Pretending to forget your age is even worse.

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